Cory Gunz - Fuk Wit My Squad (Video)

Shot by Profitt, Cory Gunz delivers a 2-for-1 visual for his tracks "Fuk Wit My Squad" and "Like That."

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  • three

    i wish he would get off of these type beats. they don't suit his rapping style.

    • SleepyTheGreat

      Agreed...I Want Corey To Win

  • Pyem

    he is so funny. tattoos, rapping, a father don't make you a man......bitch.

  • dope he so far ahead wordplay flow sick

  • P.eZ (R.I.P Ke’son)

    I always liked his flow & wordplay, I just wish he actually capitalized on his buzz from years back. Dude is talented.

    "Spring Flings: The Ep, an account based & themed around my everyday dealings with women in it's own unique way. Vivid storytelling, dope beats, lyricism & songwriting. 5 tracks being released the 5th day of the 5th month at the 5th hour. You can check the lead singles Hey Irene & Next To You. I hope you all enjoy."

  • Meh. He's still doing this "hard" act?
    Well, this is actually better than a chunk of Datz WTF...

    That "Like That" track is straight-up a 50 Cent track though.

  • fonzo517

    I think that the reality tv show he did was the end of his career. I used to bump his gangsta grillz tape a lot back in the day but all his new shit has been garbage imo

  • This is a shame. He can rap his ass off, and it gets wasted on this shit-sounding music.

    Edit: The second half of the video just started. MUCH better.


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