• Prince Akeem

    change text color please unreadable

    • ThickAsThieves

      For realz, I also think white text on black page is horrible overall.

      • Prince Akeem

        there's room for improvement in that respect.

      • Black Crime Rate

        Yeah, who knows what their thinking is or lack of thinking in this regard, I guess they've never heard of website UI standards that suggest inverted text has readability issues.

    • http://www.praverb.net/ Praverb

      I highlighted the text to read it haha. Love what Budden said about knowing everything Hollow will say. I think Budden's transparency is what makes him a fan favorite. it will be interesting to see how he responds to the personal attacks.

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        I been saying hollow cant hurt joe eith personal cuz joe lives in the public eye and he is smart enough to know what to expect. People thought i was crazy. Im glad he said it!

    • Black Crime Rate

      Leave it up to the morons behind this site to not have this completely illegible and low contrast text fixed by now, or to not even review their initial post to prevent this kind of thing in the first place.

  • wat

    He's right about Cassidy. That man has always thought he's in a better position than he really is. YOU'RE too big? If anything that could help your currently dying career, truthfully.

    P.S. How long do we wait for Cassidy to drop a Joe Budden diss track?

    • Bighustle

      i'm confident that record is in the works as we speak

    • J.O.

      That would be a nice sparring match..

      • Hiero

        Cassidy stands no chance. Budden's best diss track is better than 'RAID'.

        • J.O.

          RAID was kinda tough. Cassidy got Bars, from a punchline/simile standpoint. I understand the substance maybe off compared to Budden's. Now Budden is way more cleaver lyrically than Cassidy but I'm looking at it from a punchline standpoint. I agree Cassidy has slipped over the years though.

      • wat

        Cassidy's bars are mad basic compared to Budden's, especially the current Cassidy.

  • Eternalist

    "My dick gets hard every time I think about being the underdog."

    Joey must have a woody before every album he's ever dropped.

  • datbul

    Everything he said about Cassidy: 100% Truth.