XXL Freshmen 2014 is Coming...

The XXL 2014 Freshmen have been selected, the cover has been shot and the revealing is right around the corner. As announced by DJ Drama above, the final list will be revealed on Monday (May 5) during BET’s 106 & Park live. Stay tuned.

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  • triPAUD

    Chance the Rapper

    Rich Homie Quan


    Show Ave

    Kevin Gates

    Isaiah Rashad

    ASAP Nast


    Chinx Drugz

    Young Thug

    Fat Trel

    Lil Herb

    Sage the Gemini

    Tory Lanez

    Vic Mensa

    Vince Staples

    • wat

      Can you count?

      • triPAUD

        these are what i feel are noms. what would my list be?
        More or less the first 9 plus Tory Lanez

        • wat

          Lol fair enough. Sorry if I sounded like an ass

          • triPAUD

            its all good

    • Dave

      Take Problem bumass off that list. Nigga is mediocre as fuck. Only ever made 2 good songs.

  • Cam TexasBoy Perry

    does it feel like the XXL list is coming out mad late this year or is it me?

    • wat

      Nah, it's mad late. They usually reveal it in March. No clue why they took so long this year.

      • @disqus_znZnUDoTtM:disqus, you are correct. It is a tad late. Do you think that this year's list posed the most challenges?

        • wat

          Probably. There aren't as many "obvious" choices this year so there was probably a lot of debating.

          • You are right. We might be surprised with the list.

          • wat

            Hopefully. I look forward to the cyphers.


    who made the cut? doesnt he mean who paid the cut?

    • wat

      The only people who must have paid to get on (at the time their respective list came out) are Lil Twist, Roscoe Dash, and Iggy Azalea. The rest were gambles made by XXL (Blu, Hopsin, Macklemore, Logic) or actually had a following and buzz at the time of their selection.

      • Mac Dre

        Not true with Iggy. She was the fan vote pick from that class.

        • wat

          She didn't HAVE fans back then. You can't really believe that, right? lol

          • Sticky

            Macklemore has been a star in Seattle for at least 5 years, while he didn't have a huge national following, it really wasn't that much of a gamble that white people would love him

          • wat

            Seattle? That's not exactly hip hop central so any hometown hero there is a relative nobody. Macklemore had pretty much NO buzz when he made the list. XXL hit the lotto by predicting his success. I believe it was by accident and now they're going to think they're super credible lol

          • Mac Dre

            Nah, Macklemore had a legit buzz going. Like I said on the Iggy comment, you gotta think broader than the normal hip-hop fan or your own personal taste. I wasn't into him then but that "And We Dance" song was big in the "frat dude party" circuit. It's the hipsters and college dudes that want to seem like they know things beyond mainstream music.

          • Mac Dre

            Man, judging by this comment and your Macklemore comment, you seem to have a pretty narrow view. I wasn't an Iggy fan, but I knew people that were that voted for her. Mostly college age art-type girls. You have to take a step back and think about people who listen to the music other than the typical hip-hop fan.

      • How was Blu a gamble? He had already dropped an album most of the guys on that cover will never top and that was the best freshmen class too..

        • wat

          Because he was super underground and no one knew who he was before the list

      • MusicHead

        Future & French paid too lol

        • wat

          Nah, they had buzz when they were chosen lol

  • wat

    I can't wait. I've always been a fan of the list. The best class has to be 2009, as an overall collective group. 2010 is a close second, followed by 2013.

    • CNTRST

      '09 was on point. The only one I respect.
      Then the XV fuckery started.

      • CRsheehan

        Love these lists. Lets see what XXL got. 2009 tho.

  • Mac Dre

    Stalley should make the cut. I'm mad they didn't put King Chip up though b/c of their issues. As a journalistic institution, they should be above the fray and had him on the list for voting.

  • HeruthaGod (Original N-G-R)

    Chance, Vic Mensa, Isaiah Rashad, Vince Staples, CJ Fly, Denzel Curry, Lil Bibby, maybe Lil Herb, maybe Troy Ave(don't care for his music but I feel like XXL is going to pick him), and maybe Rapsody just to throw a female in there. But knowing XXL, only half of my list might make it & the rest will be bullshit just like last year & the year before. 2009 & 2010 were the best classes

    • wat

      Last year was bullshit to you? The majority of that list made sense. If you said Class of 2012, then I'd agree lol

      • HeruthaGod (Original N-G-R)

        yea Trinidad & kirko being on there made it weak as hell regardless of the rest that were on there although I'm a fan of most that were on last years list. I don't think Travis $cott should've been on there either, and I understand why Angel Haze was on there. Eh, 6/10 ain't bad but it could've been better imo

        • wat

          Kirko and Angel Haze were questionable choices (if anything, Kirko should've been on the previous year) but regardless of Trinidad's inability to rap, he did build up a crazy amount of buzz at the time they were making that list to earn his spot. Same thing for Chief Keef.

  • Mez D

    Vic Mensa, Chance The Rapper, Isaiah Rashad, Young Thug are 4 i would put on it

  • Dave

    They got to put a female on the list. My choice would be Sasha Go Hard. Shes cute, she really could spit and have flow, she has a major fanbase and even have way more females listening to rap.

    • wat

      I think Rapsody covers all those bases more.

      • Dave

        Except that she doesnt have star appeal. Yes she could spit. Prolly one of the best female mcs of today. But she doesnt have the look. People relate more to Sasha. Shes from the crazy streets of Chicago. Girls wanna be her. Niggas wanna wife her. Shes more appealable. Rhasody is more of a local star.

        • wat

          But Rapsody is more famous than Sasha and has way more cosigns. I get what you're saying that she doesn't scream STAR but she is definitely in a better position in the game than Sasha at the moment.

          • Yeah Rapsody should have been on the list last year. Rapsody is currently touring Europe with 9th Wonder. So it makes me question if she was selected.

    • James Stanford

      She basic AF my nikka. Her music isn't that creative either

    • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

      I ain't gonna lie she does look good, I saw that one video when she was thick, That shit made me wanna hit real talk.

  • Wilson Izekor

    dj drama eyes when he's talking

  • Bem Ali Joiner

    Shout out to Jarren Benton for making the XXL Freshmen '14!! I'm from the SWATS, but I gotta rep. for Decatur on this one, lol! Congrats and keep pushing, shawty!! R.I.P Slo Mo who helped us all see the vision!! #a3c #thetomorrows #raydarmgmt #smka

  • Deejhay Daz-One

    Since the list is delayed that means they will not make any MISTAKES on this list Don't pick the list based off affiliations, base it off ACTUAL SKILLS...

    • LXRD

      The list is mostly based off of biggest buzz/impact, with skill coming secondary at most times sadly. The way I see it, no matter how dope you are, if your buzz ain't up there at the breaking through mainstream level, you ain't making the list. That's why niggas like XV ain't make it. Granted '09 should've been his year cuz that's when his buzz really peaked with Everybody's Nobody, Mirrors Edge single, and DJ Enuff co-sign IMO. However most of the rappers that have been among the biggest buzz recently are ones with skill i.e. Chance, Vic, Staples so niggas with skill might be the majority of the list.

      • Selorm Amuzu

        It's harder to choose a rapper off skill than buzz, that's why no matter how talented you are, your marketing needs to be on point.

  • P.eZ (R.I.P Ke’son)

    I'm putting in work so I can make it to next year's..

    "Spring Flings: The Ep, an account based & themed around my everyday dealings with women in it's own unique way. Vivid storytelling, dope beats, lyricism & songwriting. 5 tracks being released the 5th day of the 5th month at the 5th hour. You can check the lead singles Hey Irene & Next To You. I hope you all enjoy."


  • James Stanford

    Man last year's was whatever Bronson, Q,Soul, joey & Dizzy was the only dope ones and the year before that was AWFUL. So with that being said I'm not really excited about the revealing. They snubbed too many people.

  • wat

    I wish XXL would reunite some of the previous classes (preferably 2009 and 2010) and have them have their own cyphers like every following year has had.


    100% yes:

    Young Thug: Everyone's favorite guilty pleasure.

    Lil Herb: putting a new sound to the chiraq bullshit.

    Vic Mensa: Toned down Chance.

    Isiah Rashad: TDE machine


    Troy Ave: I still don't get the hype over this guy...

    Sage The Gemini: Every year there's a club hype rapper so this is the best bet in that category

    Fat Trel: He's been arpund for a bit, but then again who knows how they measure "freshmen" since Spitta made the last in '09.

    Denzel Curry: He's still on the "darker" circuit of internet rap,

    Deniro Ferrar: See Above. (While I'm at it add Xavier Wulf, Bones, Yung Simmie and all those characters).

    • CNTRST

      Add Vince Staples to that mix too

    • jay gittis

      agree with you but not sure how you cannot have chance himself

    • MusicHead

      Casey Veggies? Rockie Fresh?

  • Adrian

    XXL doesn't have the best history in picking young people for this list but i feel like Astro or Bishop Nehru would be two solid and pretty safe choices

  • I'll actually be slightly surprised if Vic & Vince aren't on the list.

    • Mez D

      Yeah im pretty confident vic'll be on it he's been killing it with the music and all these freestyles

    • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

      Vince will be up there he has had a big year. I am still unsure about Vic, I know Chance without a doubt will be up there.

  • DooleyLikesToParty

    Robb Bank$ should be on there imo. I know he most likely won't be, but he definitely should

    • MusicHead

      He fuckin trash. FOH.

  • MusicHead

    Chance the Rapper (easy)

    Rich Homie Quan (easy)

    Casey Veggies (shudda been on it last year)

    Rockie Fresh (maybe)

    Isaiah Rashad (TDE Machine behind him)

    ASAP Nast (maybe)


    Chinx Drugz (huge maybe)

    Young Thug (easy)

    Fat Trel (good/great pick tbh)

    Lil Herb (maybe)

    Vic Mensa (maybe & too soon, next year yea)

    Vince Staples (slightly overrated, he not that dope)

    • AmIDickRidingyet

      Your choices were definitely on point with the (easy) and (maybe) and the other side comments. Some of these people here choosing their own underground shit instead of rappers who are actually making noise right now which always happens to be the case.

      • MusicHead

        Exsctly, people be too biased on here, I understand the XXL choosing & always try to be 100% real with the artist no matter how much I like them or dislike them.

    • Statethefacts

      bruh isiah is raw no matter who's behind him. this man can put together music. there so many layers he puts together it took me a full month to hear every single thing on the EP from him making little noises to speaking in the undertone. i give mad respect for this dude he's the future

      • MusicHead

        Isaiah is not that dope dude chill..you just gassed the fuck out of him smh

  • Boomer

    1) Chance The Rapper - Acid Rap was dope, only reason Chance doesn't make the list is if he declines
    2) Isaiah Rashad - TDE's newcomer with a dope debut
    3) Casey Veggies - Been grinding for years and has a Drake assisted single coming soon for his album
    4) Vince Staples - Just dropped a mixtape executively produced by No ID
    5) Lil Herb - Chicago drill rapper with some substance
    6) Fat Trel - MMG's annual representative
    7) Ty$ - Didn't see anyone else put him in their lists, maybe he made it before? He's got that hot DJ Mustard sound
    8) Jarren Benton - Theres always a weirdo on the list
    9) Rob Bank$ - Son of Shaggy!!!
    10) Rich Homie Quan - Future wannabe who is the next in line, sorry Young Thug

    XXL will probably add someone who's been in the game since '04 like they always do then add a bunch of other bubblegum rappers who I never heard of. This is my best guess at it tho

    • shovel

      Im sorry but young thug will defintly make the list and kevin gates will have to fit somewhere in there

  • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

    Kevin Gates

  • shovel

    This is going to be the hardest list to put together, they probably should add some more spots

  • james

    Aston Matthews needs to get on this list ! Also Young Roddy even tho he's no freshman

  • Selorm Amuzu

    Is it me ? or is this whole setup abit extra. I do understand that the last 2 Freshmen has been underwhelming (bare in mind that although 2012 may have been controversial but one of the most successful) since the most recently successful newcomers were not freshman. I feel like they were tryna force an event out of it by giving this to BET

  • #FreeFallEP

    Your all morons with some of these lists. Here is my opinion

    Logic (huge following)
    Jon Connor (Tremendous fan base)
    Jarren Benton
    Isaiah Rashad
    Lil Bibby
    Vince Staples

    All deserve to be XXL Freshman '14 all the rest lag behind.

    • Selorm Amuzu

      Logic was 2013

      • #FreeFallEP

        So take Logic off and add Nitty Scott MC

        • Great point...Chance, Rashad, Lil Bibby are no brainers

  • marty mcfly

    Damn smh, 95% of the rappers folks are naming fucking suck.

    • MusicHead

      Cuz they not Jay-Z. Right?

      • marty mcfly

        Nah cause most of em is wack.

  • leutrim

    If they don't put Vic Mensa, Isaiah Rashad and Vince Staples on the list I'll do absolutely nothing about it!

  • Chris Brown

    yo....this freshmen fuckery is damaging so many careers..

    they make young rappers look like damn fool rappers.

    ask asap ferg, he slammed this shit without no freshmen shit.

    honestly, in 2014, the contenders are so "new era formula" , i love cassie veggies, chance the rapper..isaiah, vince...but this bullshit will make them look like dummys...bad promotion..

  • Chris Brown
  • Kyle

    young thug declined the cover.....so hes not on there

  • fonzo517

    Jon Connor
    Vic Mensa
    Isaiah Rashad
    Denzel Curry
    Kevin Gates
    Bishop Nehru
    Fat Trel
    Shy Glizzy

  • marquee_

    Chance is the ONLY guarantee xxl be a tos some times lmao


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