• who cares

    Goddamn! Insane remix.

  • RϰϰςΨ

    Want boom bap? = Way Of Life (Marco Polo Remix) play it loud you dumb fuck!

  • http://www.praverb.net/ Praverb

    Big L's storytelling skills though >

    • http://peopleofwalmart.com YoMayka

      1. Murs
      2. L
      3. Ruler

      • http://www.praverb.net/ Praverb

        Good point...Murs is a beast...

        • yungnoodles

          ghost and rae

          • YouAintGotTheAnswers!

            nas too

  • http://insite.bandcamp.com/ IN_SITE

    still ill dope remix http://insite.bandcamp.com/

  • SaltineCracker

    The original beat was probably one of the only good beats I ever heard from Ron Brownz, either than Ether. Wasn't this project supposed to drop years ago?

  • conali

    u guys put it in ur favorite section! the dopeboyz know whats good fo real sunnnn!!!!