Cookin Soul x Nas – Soulmatic (Mixtape)

blame it on JES7 May 3, 2014

Cookin Soul pay tribute to Nas & Illmatic with Soulmatic, complete with skits and all of that great stuff. Stream/download it below.

In 2014, 20 years after its release, Illmatic is still considered as arguably the best hip-hop album of all times. Our intention when creating Soulmatic was not to just remix Illmatic album as such. Actually Soulmatic only contains 4 remixes from the original album… Also we have added a number of musical skits including comments, feelings and experiences from those who created the original album. The “Cookin Soul” way to get the listener closer to that particular state of mind that led to the creation of such a classic.


DOWNLOAD: Cookin Soul x Nas – Soulmatic (Mixtape)

  • Johnny Tarr

    Illmatic is as close to perfect as we are ever going to get….why are we remixing it??

    • BoRed

      Because this shit is super fucking dope

      • Adi Pre


      • I agree with @disqus_TfBOPESZAz:disqus, the album is classic and it resonates with a worldwide audience. Cookin Soul are from Spain. Rap has an international appeal. I love the remix and Illmatic is timeless.

    • DatN-word

      I’d rather listen to the original tracks. the remixes aren’t ass but none of them are better.

  • Dope as FUCK. Salute to Cookin Soul! STILL knocking that Lost Tapes 1.5 too. #IllmaticXX #TIMELESS

  • Shannon Gilliam

    Yo I’m really not one for remixes that don’t involve the original artist, but this shit bang.

  • disqus_nmoXcE1Sck

    what the sample on the one love remix? anyone know