2Deep: Richie Rich – Let’s Ride

blame it on JES7 May 4, 2014

While at my other job this past week, I was on a heavy West Coast trip, iPod loaded up with everything from The B.U.M.S. to Saafir, Dilated Peoples, Tha Dogg Pound, Paris and the Luniz. The latter’s Operation Stackola was playing when Richie Rich appeared on “Pimps, Playas & Hustlas” which ultimately inspired this post.

The thing is, I’m far from knowledgeable when it comes to West Coast rap, besides the artists I’ve named up top plus a few others. And aside from the obvious new stars-in-the-making, like the TDE camp, Audio Push, etc., I have the slightest clue where to start digging.

That’s where you guys/gals can come in and help put JES7 on to some real West Coast shit. Anything similar to the aforementioned artists will do, as well as anything with that signature G-Funk sound. Sound off below and I appreciate the help.

Let’s Ride

N*ggas Done Changed f. 2Pac

  • S. Malik

    Hieroglyphics,Comptons Most Wanted,BOSS,Domino,Ras Kas,Digital Underground,AMG

  • Suga Free’s first album >

  • Mitch

    If you’re into that kind of music, Too $hort has got some solid albums from the 1988-1996 range (Cocktails, Get In Where You Fit In, Life is Too Short, Short Dog’s in the House). If you want some additional Bay Area music, I recommend checking out E-40 (The Mail Man, Hall of Game, In a Major Way, Element of Surprise) and Spice 1 (187 He Wrote, Amerikkka’s Nightmare, 1990-Sick)

    If you want G-Funk, download Warren G’s whole catalog now. His best albums are Regulate (Regulate, This DJ, Do You See, And Ya Don’t Stop) , Take a Look Over Your Shoulder (Smokin’ Me Out, Relax Ya Mind, I Shot the Sheriff, What’s Love Got to Do), and I Want It All (I Want it All, Gangsta Love, G-Spot, Dope Beat, Game Don’t Wait). Nate Dogg also has a double album called G-Funk Classics Vol. 1 & 2 (Too many dope tracks to list) with features such as Butch Cassidy, Snoop Dogg, Dogg Pound, and even 2Pac & Big Syke. DJ Quik is another west coast G-Funk pioneer who has released a bunch of great albums too: Quik is the Name (Tonite, Born and Raised, Bombudd, Quik’s Groove), Safe + Sound (Diggin U Out, Dollaz & Sense, Safe & Sound, It’z Your Fantasy), Rhythm-al-ism (So Many Wayz, Hand in Hand, You’z a Gangsta, Medley for a V), and Balance & Options (Change Da Game, Did Y’all Feel That, Pitch in on a Party, I Don’t Wanna Party Wit U). Albums that are also worth listens are Kurupt’s “Kuruption”, Suga Free’s “Street Gospel”, and WC’s “Curb Servin” and also “The Shadiest One”.

    Death Row Records – Their label had numerous classic albums throughout the 90’s. I’m sure you’ve heard Doggystyle, Dogg Food, All Eyez on Me, and The Chronic, but they also had some other dope projects like Daz Dillinger’s “Retaliation, Revenge, and Get Back”, The Lady of Rage’s “Necessary Roughness”, and the soundtracks to Above the Rim, Murder was the Case, Gridlock’d, and Gang Related. 2Pac also had some great albums off of Death Row such as Me Against the World and Strictly 4 My N****z, but many of his unreleased songs are his greatest (Deadly Combination with Stretch & Keith Murray, Grab the Mic, Black Cotton with Outlawz, Words to My First Born, Watch Ya Mouth, Changed Man with Nate Dogg & Syke, House of Pain with Biggie, Street Life with Snoop, and the original version of Life’s So Hard (not the soundtrack version)).

    Other west coast artists I didn’t mention yet are The D.O.C. (one of the key members who formed N.W.A) – He released an album called No One Can Do It Better, which is a classic in my book (produced by Dr. Dre). If he hadn’t gotten into a car crash which destroyed his vocal cords, he probably would’ve had an amazing legacy. Also, Ice Cube had many classic albums drop such as Amerikkka’s Most Wanted, Death Certificate, The Predator, and Lethal Injection (his best album in my opinion).

    If you want some west coast groups to listen to NOT named N.W.A, I recommend Digital Underground (Sex Packets, Sons of the P, Body-Hat Syndrome) and Above the Law (Livin’ Like Hustlers, Vocally Pimpin’, Uncle Sam’s Curse, Black Mafia Life).

    I highly recommend you check out most of these projects. Sorry I got a bit lazy at the end – I stopped putting which songs are the best on the albums and just started giving album names, but just go on iTunes and look at which songs most people buy off the albums and that should give you a good idea. Happy listenings!

    EDIT: Forgot to add Mack 10 (Mack 10, Based on a True Story, The Recipe), Xzibit (At the Speed of Life, 40 Dayz & 40 Nightz, Restless), King-T (Act a Fool, At Your Own Risk, The Triflin’ Album), and Rappin’ 4-Tay (Don’t Fight the Feelin’, Off Parole)

    • AndOneill

      Dope post man! Gonna check some of this, can’t beat some classic G-funk,


      U just shitted on Everybody’s post with this one…I wouldn’t have even wasted my time posting anything had a read this one first. Salute homie…u know you’re shit. ..u from the west or just a 90s kid?

      • Mitch

        I’m just a 90’s kid and I love music. Didn’t want to write my essay for my college class so I decided to talk about something I love instead of the people of our current generation. I’m from the midwest (Cleveland to be exact), but west coast music is by far my favorite. There’s just so much variation with artists like Mac Dre, E-40, to Suga Free, to DJ Quik, to 2Pac and Snoop.

  • Ryan

    Richie Rich + 2Pac always equals a super dope record, heavily slept on.

  • Arno Nyme

    Da 5 Footaz & Twinz (Warren G protegee), LBC Crew, Dove Schack, MC Eiht used to drop FIRE, Road Dawgs, Mack 10, Whoridas (one of them is Saafir cuz), Above The Law, Ras Kass

    • Word Da 5 Footaz were dope!

  • marty mcfly

    Yukmouth – Thugged out = Classic
    Messy Marv – DisoBAYish = Dope
    The Jacka – Tha Jack Artist & Tear Gas = Dope
    B Legit – Hemp Museum = Classic
    E-40 – Everything between In A Major Way & Ghetto Report Card (almost ten albums back to back) = YOGA FLAME…

    Mac Dre, The Coup, Lyrics Born, Deltron, Mistah Fab, Mac Mall, Zion I, Planet Asia etc…. Just too much DOPE in California.

  • marty mcfly

    Oh yeah and the Luniz – Lunitik Muzik album and 3x Krazy – Stackin Chips album… That was back when the Bay Area was making mobbin music


      Lunitik muzik was criminally slept on…good call

  • Yongjefferson

    Respect for posting this bay classic,.most people don’t even know that the Bay Area has been making ground breaking music


    Richie rich is a bay area dude who messed with a lot of bay area producers who in turn produced for other bay area I say start with that..any e-40 albums from 92-98 are good to go..Mac mall’s first two albums illegal business and untouchable…b-legit -tryna get a buck..3 krazy stacking chips, spice 1-amerikkka’ s nightmare…c-bo albums from 94-98..celly cel-killa kali…..south circle-anotha day anotha balla..south cirlce is a southern group but they had that g funk sound…..that should get you started

  • Guest

    i dont consider the bay weeeesst they have more of that ratchet upbeat sound as far as that west coast sound no ones mentioned WC king tee XZIBIT the whole likwit crew mack 10 etc etc.

  • chrisbutta1


  • chrisbutta1

    Any Above The Law album

  • Watch out Pirate Bay, here I come.

    • I run Zamunda!

      Support Hip Hop by actually buying music.

      • Not sure if trolling or not. It was a joke. If you’ve been around here long enough, you’d know I’m a vinyl dude, therefore I BUY my shit. I support mom & pop record shops.

        • I run Zamunda!

          I buy vinyl but not everything is on vinyl… LOL. BTW I was trolling as much as you are…

  • I run Zamunda!

    Most slept on Hip Hop album ever was K Dee’s Ass Gas or Cash… I believe it was released in 1994 on Ice Cube’s label and an actual copy on CD goes for at least $100.

    • Ryan

      It looks like a sperm is swimming through his name on the album cover – good look on this post though, I’m checking it out right now.

  • Brooks

    If your liking Richie Rich, Dru Down is one of my all time favorites!