Mase - Nothing f. Eric Bellinger


M-A-Dollar Sign E returns with a new club rocking single produced by Nic Nac (of Chris Brown "fame") as he gears up and readies to release his next album, Now We Even. Props to Rap Up.

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  • Stevie Janowski


  • Ma$e can still flow though...he just needs the right production. He's changing to acclimate to the industry's new sound. If he just pretended it was still 97' he'd be a top artist

    • we’ll see doe

      thats all these old fucks problem, idiots

    • Timmy Two-Shoes

      it AIN'T 97 doe lol. & Ma$e always had mainstream appeal. It just so happens that this is mainstream sound now. Thanks to Problem, Tyga, Chris Brown, Eric Bellinger, TY$ and all'em ova leftcoast niggas

    • Nadav Chatinover

      I agree but on the bright side i'd rather hear Mase over chris brown. Now at least people can swap this for loyal

  • Hood Oracle

    where's your congregation betha?

  • jokesaside

    isn't this like mase's 9th comeback? and why did he choose to bite Chris Brown's biggest song right now? :

  • $nicka

    another producer that makes every song sound the same smh

  • _AudiiO

    I've heard this song before, it was called Show Me, then once that died down it changed its name to Loyal, now its called Nothing? I don't need this same song for nothing.

    • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

      It worked for t minus lol

  • Pizza Steve

    Whatever, this song is not bad. Ma$e got him one

  • Your Best Friend
  • Nic Nac said screw it haha..."Loyal" Part II...

    Bring Murda Mase back!


    I was vibing to this hardcore and thought about mixin it into a set next time I was playin at a party.

    Then i looked up and saw it it was ma$e, I'm still fucking baffled that this track even exists.

  • three

    if only mase could sound more unenthusiastic..

  • Guest

    get over it, the left coast is now dictating the Hip-Hop sound.