Ab-Soul Announces New Album Title

blame it on Shake May 6, 2014

With the two year anniversary of Control System just days away, Ab-Soul excited fans and revealed the title of the long-awaited follow-up. Taking to Twitter, Soulo let the world know his new album, These Days…, is finally coming.

A release date is also expected to arrive later this week. Stay tuned!

  • hiiipower

    Click, boom. T.N.T., TDE, we in here
    Mm, mm, mm! I can smell fear

  • Dave

    Soulo better come right on this album. People use to call Q the weakest in the crew now they calling him the weakest.

    • AndOneill

      Q is definitely the weakest in the crew by a long shot! Whoever “they” is do not have a clue my man

      • Enjoyer of Music

        Ab-Soul is the weakest. Weakest bars. Weakest content. Weakest projects in terms of replay value.

        “I’m doing it big like not little”
        “We getting turnt like a page”

        But saying anyone in Black Hippy is weak is like billionaires comparing bank accounts. It doesn’t really matter at the end of the day, they all rich.

        • ayeyo

          Listen to Control System. It’s great.

          Most of the tracks and guest verses he been dropping in the last 2years have been weak, but I still believe he can drop another dope album.

          • Enjoyer of Music

            Never said he was wack man. Just the weakest out the posse. Control System is slightly better than average. He’s a pseudo-deep thinker.

          • Sticky

            I don’t think you listens to Control System enough, also everyone’s trying to say he’s been weak for the past year or so but kendrick and q have had just as many mediocre features, especially kendrick. He’s also had some very good ones like Enter the Void, Matches, and a lot more. It’s inevitable when you start getting asked to do features left and right that the passion or skill might not always on point

        • DroFrom714

          Ab-Soul’s bars are weak?

          “Hiiipower to the third degree
          Murder, we emerged and it was an emergency
          It’s closed curtains for you worthless earthlings
          Hurtin’ cause I rise like mercury in the burning heat
          Word on the street Soulo done done it again
          Look at me, I used to match a dub sack with my friends
          Now we smokin’ by the O, like the letters P and N
          Ain’t have to start watching CNN for you to see an end”


          • Enjoyer of Music

            So weird…I googled “meh” and those same lyrics came up!

            Ha. I never said Ab-Soul is weak. I just said he’s the weakest out of Black Hippy. His bars can be painfully corny and his projects don’t have as much replay value as his peers. Control System was listened to for about a month, maybe 2. Occasionally, I’ll play loose tracks here and there but overall nah. FMH, H&C, S.80, all still get burn.

          • AndOneill

            U need to go back and listen to long term 2 and longterm mentality!! To me they are his best work!! Fuckin dope man, people say he is the most lyrical in TDE how can u say he is the weakest! But it’s all opinions man

        • Ricky Hendriiix

          You’re a dick…

      • headwest

        you cant be serious, habits and contradictions is still the best TDE project out. bar none.

  • Finally Ab-Soul threats worked haha

  • deeznuts


  • leutrim

    I liked “Black Lip Pastor” more, but oh well, title doesn’t matter as long as the music is hot

  • Bambi

    Seems unenthused at this point. Dub Sac, that last song he dropped that I already forgot about, even the album title has a empty feeling to it. Huge fan of Soulo I hope he can top Oxymoron in regards to quality records, I got faith. But seriously show some excitement man!!

    • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

      It is not even about topping Oxy, it is him getting back to a formula he strayed so far from. I loved his last projects, but the direction he is in now seems to be less thrilling. I think he needs to find his lane more than anything, because right now he seems scatter brained, especially with most of his new stuff.

      • Bambi


  • Francis

    ascension rap.