A Snippet From The “Secret” Wu-Tang Clan Album Has Been Released

blame it on Meka May 6, 2014

That mythical album that RZA reportedly got offered $5 MILLION DOLLARS for? Well, Forbes traveled to Morocco for a mini docu-flick on the album, and they unveiled a 50-second snippet of a song that features Ghostface Killah. You can watch the 13-minute documentary over at Forbes’ site now.

  • who cares

    *waits for the entire album to leak*

  • espyy

    This album is going to be up, for sure. There is nothing secret on Internet.

  • Mitch

    Man that snippet was dope! Too bad I don’t think any music release should be worth $5 million… Music is supposed to be made by the people, for the people. It’s what unites everybody – Definitely shouldn’t be confined to the highest bidder.

    • Enjoyer of Music

      Says who? That smells like BS to me. Just because you created it doesn’t mean its for the people. That’s some delusional hippy bullshit. And if that’s the case, there’s a bunch of things that should be free…water, food, clothing.

      Do ya thang Wu. I wouldn’t pay $50 for a Wu album but if you can get away with 5 mil go for it.

      • Mitch

        I respect what they’re doing, but at the same time I don’t. If they can weasel out $5 million from some rich idiot, then god bless them haha. I just think if you’re going to make this all public and deny the music from some of their core fans, I just don’t think it’s right. You feel me?

        • marty mcfly

          The core fans haven’t been supporting though. Every time a Wu group album comes out I go buy it because Im a Wu fan so its one of those things that I just have to buy based on that alone. Well too many other fans stopped doing that? If im RZA at this point why would a give a fuck about those who dont give a fuck about my music? If someone’s gonna pay 5 million? Thats obviously a better option. I heard someone make the argument that music and art is supposed to be just for the art sake? Thats just false, music and art is meant to be sold once it enters the realm of business. You cant go to the movies and say hey this movie that cost 100 million dollars to make is supposed to be free because its art… Thats crazy. Why when new sneakers and phones come out, folks run to the store like its gold and drop hundreds of dollars like it aint shit but when rappers want ten dollars for an album its a problem?

          • marty mcfly

            ART is meant to be SOLD…

          • TrueGem17

            Not all art is meant to be sold, but I agree. Making art is a lot of work. As an artist you gotta get paid for your work.

          • marty mcfly

            Yeah, some art is free but whether people agree on certain aspects of this or not, I think the concept behind it forces the question, what is the worth of music? I feel like its people out there that think music is worth nothing and that is just ridiculous.

          • Starks

            ART doesn’t have a value.

          • marty mcfly

            Of course it does and thats why 99% of art in the world is worth some kinda money amount.

          • Mitch

            Yeah I agree with your last statement completely about the $200 jordans & $300 iphones. I guess a couple million is a couple million. Can’t deny RZA’s hustle because that’s more money I’ll probably ever see at one single point in my lifetime

          • marty mcfly

            WORD but I dont think people should be caught up in the money aspect cause even that comes after years of work so the money is just the result of working at the end of the day. At this point a Wu album should be sitting in a museum going for millions of dollars because thats just where their product is at now. I mean if 9 of your friends rap for 20 years and have millions of fans then your shit a probably be some where in an art gallery as well cause its legacy behind the product.

          • Sticky

            I think you’re thinking of Oscar Wilde, he said that art is useless

  • SpeakingHarshTruth

    This whole thing has stunk of ‘publicity stunt’ from the very start.

    You know damn well no one is offering $5mil for an album of Wu-Tang throwaways.

  • I run Zamunda!

    If I had the money… I wouldn’t share it with anyone. Fuck everyone who would wait a long ass time for a free download. LOL

  • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

    C4 are ripping it as we speak

  • Hood Oracle

    this album spits on every day 1 wu-tang fan

  • I was looking forward to this album when it was first announced (there were supposed to be listening sessions at museums). Now, according to the Forbes documentary, RZA didn’t even produce it–he just “approved” the beats. And Ghost is rapping in his “Twelve Reasons To Die” voice, which tells me that verse might be a throwaway. I’m starting to feel like The Abbot might be pulling some slick shit.

  • Dang I wanted the snippet to keep playing haha. Wow at someone willing to pay $5 million. Cher’s voice at the end though.

  • Bil AL

    man a labels gonna buy this and release it

  • The more I see about this shit, the more I think this might be the biggest sellout thing a music artist has ever done.