Tyga & Game Diss Lil Durk & 40 Glocc On “Chiraq to LA”

blame it on Shake May 6, 2014

After Lil Durk sent some shots in his direction on the “Chi-Raq (Remix)” with Meek Mill, Tyga previewed a diss over the weekend on Instagram. Now, with the big homie Game riding shotgun, the Left Coasters issue their response over the same track.

40 Glocc also catches a few fades as well.

  • Jaztazj

    GAME DID THAT…I just dont care for Tyga but he did his thing too lol

    • killaaa

      the flow was coo but the bars are boring af

  • Dave

    Tyga went in. He killed Durk on wax but Durk would kill him in real life. I never really believed when Tyga said hes from the streets and is a blood.

    • CNTRST

      I don’t think Tyga ever claimed to bang woop. He IS from Compton though, that’s been confirmed for a minute.

  • MarznCharge

    Dirk Nowitzki, Durk who nigga lol

  • James Stanford

    Why did Game feel the need to hop in on Tyga’s bullshit rap beef. If anything it was for protection because Tyga don’t ride with Hittas like Durk do.

  • Da3rdMan

    Smart to get game on the track

  • Chris Brown

    next month: tyga killed by fredo santana. hanging from a tree. the fiercest light skin nigga killed tyga for the rap beef with one of his homies, lil durk.

  • MusicHead

    This nigga Game really bodied shit…man this shit WAS CRAZYY LMAOOO GAME REALLY ATE THO. & Tyga snapped on Durk too but Tyga smart tho. At the same time, Durk really got shooters so idk if it was too smart lol

  • deeznuts

    too bogus..

  • PatrickBateman

    Does The Game’s jesus around his neck, have a jesus around his neck?

    • Brian


    • Rodney Mcclinton

      yea lmao

    • sometimes u just need a little bit of extra jesus i guess

  • Pizza Steve

    The Game murdered this shit, dam. Them Chicago boys don’t play tho, hopefully nobody dies. The Game does have stripes too tho, don’t front.

  • marty mcfly

    Niggas talkin about shooters n shit? What you think LA has been about for the last 40 years? Aint nobody getting killed over Durk and Tyga but anyway when it comes to this rap shit, Tyga is about ten times better then Durk period end of story. Of course Game killed it but thats a given imo.

  • jaybee502

    somebody is going to get shot for this…last thing i would want to get involved is beef with some chicago niggas.

  • someguy

    this is what it takes to get game to snap like that?

  • Bambi

    As much as Game killed this….because he KILLED THIS, i hear Kendrick all over his flow, delivery and everything. That being said I don’t give a fuck because Game can do anyone and match them. The man stays winning

    • Freid Sampleton

      Game was out way before Kendrick and I heard this flow on numerous mixtapes.. this when dickridin’ Kendrick goes to the max

      • Bambi

        it’s not dickriding its just a simple observation. if you see the majority of my post was complementing Game and how big of a fan i am of what he does. The only reason you find it to be “dickriding” is because you’re uber sensitive to anything related to Kendrick probably due to your dislike for him. Read before you preach

        • @ScHoolboyTom twitter

          People were all over kendrick when section 80 was popping now everyone’s talking about dick riding because now he’s a superstar I hate all of these Hip Hop hipsters always talking shit.. Game sounds like Kendrick Lamar on this track it doesn’t take a music analyst to work that out, game fucks with everyone’s flow at some point he does it to pay homage to people he really fucks with

          • Bambi

            simple as that, he’s rap chameleon

  • Girth Brooks

    God damn! RIP to Lil Durk’s 15 minutes of fame


    • Rodney Mcclinton

      lmao hater lil durk/lil dick rider

  • New millennium Nat turner

    Damn this nigga tyga is possibly the worst emcee I’ve heard.

    • With niggas like Lil B and Chief Keef in the game, i can’t see how thats possible. Especially after hearing that flow.

  • @ScHoolboyTom twitter

    Game robbed Kendrick Lamars flow on this. I have no respect for violence or flow biting so Game this is your worst moment in Hip-Hop so far. Tyga is wack is hell.

    • factsonly

      hop off kendrick dick fool

      • @ScHoolboyTom twitter

        What u talkin about, if you can’t hear it you’re mentally challenged. I think it’s Game who needs to get off Kendricks dick and your mother needs to get off mine

        • factsonly

          u corny as shit

          • @ScHoolboyTom twitter

            Your name is factsonly.. I don’t need to say any more

          • factsonly

            nigga your name is Schoolboy Tom…..

            U can’t even be serious

          • @ScHoolboyTom twitter

            I did this time ago cos I go Uni and shit why you talking about names for anyway your obviously a gay lord

          • factsonly

            wow bruh….smh

      • wat

        He’s not on Kendrick’s dick. He really DID jack Kendrick’s flow on this. Game has always jacked every rapper’s style lol

        • factsonly

          I think its just the anger and his voice tone cuz the flow is very similar to the style every one has been using to remix this song. Kendrick raps with emotion and in this song so does Game doesn’t mean he’s using his flow tho. People are always quick to give Kendrick credit for something that he doesn’t have anything to do with him. Let the Game shine.

          • wat

            Nah, Game’s flow on this is pretty much identical to Kendrick’s on Backseat Freestyle lol. I’m no Kendrick dickrider by any means and I wouldn’t say he’s an innovator but it’s pretty obvious.

  • Game should go back to just dissing rappers cuz thats pretty much all he’s good for..

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    • factsonly

      corny bro smh

    • MassConglom

      Must not have heard his mixtapes… something else game is good for by the way.

  • Selorm Amuzu

    GAME blatantly jack Kendrick’a flow which is sad cos his old flow would have bodied this

  • DatN-word

    Game rapping like Mystical?

  • Arrie Mental Woodard

    If he was telling the truth he dry snitched on schoolboy q

  • Jordan

    Why does Game have his hands in his pants tho?