G-Count (of L.E.P Bogus Boys) Disses Game

blame it on Shake May 7, 2014

In response to Game’s recent attack on Lil Durk, G-Count of L.E.P. surfaces with his own take on the “Chiraq” instrumental.

Coming in defense of his lil homie, G-Count dismisses Game’s hood pass, tells him to keep Chiraq’s name out of his mouth and shares the same sentiment to any Chicago supporters he may have.

Far as Chicago ridin’ with you. Point em out, them who?/ Show me exactly who you talking bout, I’ll Green Light it on them too.


    I’m already so sick of this beat.

    • YeDaTruth

      I thought the “A Milli”, “Exhibit C”, “Control” era was over. fucking freestyles….

      • wat

        That’ll never be over. lol

  • Freid Sampleton

    Garbage bars. When Banks G Unit chain was snatched Game got it back with a quickness on Chicago.

    Lets see G-Count staind on the West coast

    • fuk_yoo_kind

      Stop spreading yoo legs you spreading lies bitchh Banks ain’t ever get robbed you fucking gayme groupie foh. #killyooselfwiththatbullshit

      • Freid Sampleton

        Ur a fag for replying 4 months later

        • fuk_yoo_kind

          False but you a dickrider so get off my dick pussy nigga co signing pussy niggas lmao. #$outh$ideWeOutside #fuckgamepussy #deadapussynigga #Idontfuckwithyou

          • Freid Sampleton

            More hashstags than a bitch on a Saturday night

  • Yongjefferson

    Chicago rappers are salty cause Kanye left them for Kim

  • Ummol

    Made Game look like a damn fool, he shouted them out and the next day they let it be known they dont fuck with Game, and that he has no clue what he is talking about when it comes to the Chi.

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      doesnt really make game look like a fool. this dude is obviously just on some chicago shit. he ready to take it to other chicago dudes too. i guess he’ll be coming at chief keef next since he tweeted out the song

    • Jaztazj

      Nah, All i hear is someone cant rap, trying to get they name up

  • Guest

    this shit whack like idk who cares about this shit but its corny and all cuz of tyga smh and this verse sucks ass man wtf Game verse was crazy

  • factsonly

    i don’t even think lil durk cares what this random nigga has to say

    • fonzo517

      whatchu mean lep been big in chicago

  • Everybody trying to be part of this beef seems to doing it just become relevant

  • MenaceWood

    I hope no one gets shot.

  • marty mcfly

    Thats its? They gon have to come better then that. Some of these fans sound shook but Game gon hear this and laugh… LOL

    • Cahhl0

      Look at this dumb ass thinking this a damn rap battle, this beef aint about bars. This is a Chi OG that Game mentioned putting Game on blast for all the fake shit and lying he said on his song. Facts >

      • marty mcfly

        So what? G Count gonna bust his gun now? I’ll wait… LOL. This is no diss to Chicago cause its real niggas everywhere but when it comes to gang shit? LA has a gang culture thats been in place for generations. All them gun threats just dont move shit in California. So bring guns and real violence into to the situation in California? Thats all good with niggas with niggas on this side. Westside fool LOL

        • marty mcfly

          So bringIN guns… All good with niggas on this side.

      • marty mcfly

        If you know anything about “OGs” then you would know this beef aint going nowhere… You think this aint about rap? This is obviously about rap.

        • Juice Almighty

          U sound silly…Chicago niggas don’t “Rap beef”…all them lil niggas don’t give a fuck over there…I hope niggas don’t think they just rap tough…lil niggas dying literally everyday over pettier shit then this..And Game name dropping ass got exposed..yes he raps better then dude but dude was speaking facts…Game named dropped OG’s that he don’t even know tryna sound tough…That nigga don’t got a pass in Chicago

          • Yeezus

            At the end of the day no one will do anything. Just because chicago is the murder capitol does not mean everyone is about that life. I’ll wait while no one shoots at game. Also if Gcount was going to make a move he would NOT have made a diss.
            1. Lil Durk dissing for promotion (single coming soon)
            2. Tyga dissing for credibility (no one takes him serious)
            3. Game dissing for fun (nothing else to do)
            4. G-Count dissing for promotion (DFK4 coming soon)

          • Arrie Mental Woodard

            i agree. Game like to spit and talk shit. point blank period. he probably just wanted something to do but no it aint that serious. you can tell he was having fun with that verse.

          • marty mcfly

            I cant say who Game knows or doesn’t know. I do know Game been around for a decade and G Count just showed up and its no telling who either one of them knows. G Count is also rapping like everybody in Chicago gotta report to him or something and thats not the case either. You talk about all this killing shit in Chicago as if the rest of the country aint already on that. What you think goes on in California fool? Yes these niggas do “rap” tough cause if it was really about beefing then its no need to rap. Its simple man, if niggas wanna die over lil Durk or Tyga then let the murder show begin but aint nobody trippen off no raps from Chicago niggas and niggas dont give a fuck how tough your city is either. They didnt stop making guns when they made yours. Thats pretty much the mentality on the westcoast, the place gang culture is literally woven into the fabric of the culture and way of life over here. If niggas gon rap tough then rap tough but if niggas wanna go further then bring it dont sing it, simple. Game is already official out here cause like I said its been a decade and aint nobody gonna be false flaggin in LA for that long if they not official so it is what it is. To me, its rappers just making gangsta music because they gangsta rappers but outta the thousand diss songs in hip hop its like only 2% that cross that line into action and thats cause niggas dont really wanna die. I dont know what these Bogus niggas claim but Game, Tyga? Its not a good idea to beef with niggas with millions of dollars to spend and an army of niggas on they side but hey thats my imo.

          • Arrie Mental Woodard

            Come on cuz, you sound silly. how do you know who game knows. g count said he dont know me like that. what that usually means is “yeah we cool but thats not my homie” plus even in the middle of a dis dude still called game an og. you talking as if you behind the scenes with them. its rap iggan if game lying then how you know g count aint lying???? thats like havoc saying prodigy gay and the whole world believe him. now they back together…. i guess he wasnt that gay huh?

  • Nate

    Bogus boys. Look at them they dont look lyk f*** all. Cali compton aint f***n bothred. Game rap circles round this shit..

    • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

      what good is rappin when you sound corny.. nigga pretending he channeling dmx like x the holy ghost or something.. LOL

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        channelling DMX because when X was doing his thing he was raw as fuck and didnt give a shit about anything or anybody ona track. Game didnt sound corny.

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      anything thats bogus people usually stay away from . i always wondered what the F their name means.

  • deeznuts

    yeh Game mind ur own business..