Lil Durk Talks Game/Tyga Diss, Issues With Chief Keef & More with DJ Moondawg

blame it on Shake May 7, 2014

Last night, Lil Durk stopped by 107.5 WGCI to chop it up with DJ MoonDawg about a few thangs. In the quick discussion, Durk speaks on his upcoming Def Jam project, the XXL Freshmen cover, his upcoming single (“Party” with Young Thug) and of course…

Tyga and Game.

Addressing their “Chi-Raq to LA” diss track, Durk says an official response (with Bump J) is coming. He also speaks on Chief Keef’s involvement, how he’s “LA” now and how he’ll have to answer to the city of Chicago. Not just him. Interesting…

UPDATE: G-Count of L.E.P. Bogus Boys disses Game on new “Chiraq” freestyle.

  • TheTrain

    durk started this whole beef when he was chilling with migos while chief keef and them were beefing..then he hopped on a song with shy glizzy which goes against reese and fredo too

    • Damn nigga you really know the ins and outs of this cohort of talentless clowns.

      • Jaztazj

        I’m just mad that a good diss was used on someone soooooo talentless lol…And his girl looking like….I mean this dude aint ready for the war he opened on his family lol…That diss had nothing to do with Chicago lol….

      • bobX9

        Can’t call them talentless… they may not be talented at rapping, but they obviously have talent at something seeing as they’ve gained this much success in such a short period of time, at such a young age

        • Jaztazj

          Truth be told they are only popular because people are curious about the Chicago youth, nothing to do with talent….its like going to see monkeys at the zoo.

          • bobX9

            Still… monkeys at the zoo won’t get rich from just being monkeys. They’ve found a way to capitalize on this chiraq buzz even if they suck at actual rapping

          • Jaztazj

            This little success you see today means nothing, and unless they change they way of thinking, they’ll be back where they started at in no time.

          • Melvin Martin

            U sound like a hater real talk smh.

          • Jaztazj

            I dont hate them, just stating the facts of their actions. I don’t see the longevity in the careers…Young Chop is the only one I see going far out of THAT whole circle.

    • Melvin Martin

      But did migos go get another nigga who got shit to do wit anything to get at keef HELL NAW. They did it on they own. Not to mention all the dickriding game does and been doin.

  • If Durk had enough money he
    would have moved out of Chicago
    as long as your broke the streets will always
    ride with you..coz you aint got nowhere else to go. LOL