Redman – Dunfiato (Video)

blame it on Illy May 7, 2014

Watch Redman’s newest clip through the eyes of fish eye lens for “Dunfiato” off his long awaited and much anticipated album, Muddy Waters 2.

  • MidKnightMaRawder



    its almost surreal how good redman still is at spittin, he still got it, what a fuckin barfest.

  • Matt Proffitt

    Is he getting better? Damn!


    I’ve heard that sample before somewhere…

  • biff tannen

    Damn Reggie! Dude stays spittin. Dope!

  • IfuxRAW

    Sooo this came out of nowhere

  • Sirilly

    He’s still goofy, still funny as hell, and he’s still one dam good spitter. He’s one of the only emcee’s who has kept his essence throughout his entire career. I am definitely looking forward to MW2.

  • fonzo517

    hell yea. tbh I wasn’t liking the fact that he was about to name this mw2 after I heard that reggie album which was trash but this shit is dope

  • ivemar80

    well, this was the best i’ve heard from Redman in ages. God damn!

  • Joseph Lawson Smith

    Can’t wait to hear some new Reggie Noble shit….. I’m glad he made a comeback.!! Taking it back to the roots :)

  • Freshsup

    This has that feel to it. Muddy Waters still one of those staple albums in my mind. Actually, Reds first 3 albums are still on deck for me.

  • Saugdenstock

    seems to be “old dogs summer”. Fif’s shit is dope, this is straight fire

  • drewsmit24

    Funk doc! Just had a 1993 flashback pass me a St ize

    • TopFlightAnonymous

      Change that lame ass google’d pic fuck nigga

      • drewsmit24

        My avi got you insecure hoetype smh get sum pussy and get off my dick

        • TopFlightAnonymous

          Nigga you been having that lame ass google’d pic for 6 months. Just take another selfie kid. You looking gay as fuck nigga

  • leutrim

    I think Red is criminally underrated

  • Arthur E Brandon Jr

    On repeat for like 200 plays! EARS ON BLEED!!!!!!!

  • SleepyTheGreat

    So Many Bars……..

  • Uatu The Watcher

    Consistency for over 20 years – how many MC’s can honestly say that? Not even Nas the GOAT can say that.

    That’s a mark of an artist that’s comfortable in his own skin and does it for the love over trying to grab a fast buck depending on what the fickle public wants.