Apple In Talks To Buy Beats Electronics For $3.2 Billion

blame it on Shake May 8, 2014

According to a report from the New York Times, Apple is in serious talks to acquire Beats Electronics for close to $3.2 billion. Yeah, you read that right. Three. Point. Two. BILLION.

An acquisition would be Apple’s largest ever and would see the maker of the iPhone acquire the biggest manufacturer of high-end headphones.

For Apple, the deal represents a major break in its acquisitions strategy. To date, Apple’s has focused on buying technology providers that it then incorporates into its existing products. But by buying Beats, Apple’s chief executive, Tim Cook, would signal his willingness to acquire established brands.

According to the briefed party, a deal could be announced as soon as next week, but still may fall apart.

If it does though? You can throw the very last little bit of hope you had for Detox in the trash can. Dr. Dre is retiring, folks.

  • Y-Rap

    Dre been retired…anyway that is a blockbuster deal from Apple and shows how much worth that company has bulit in about 6 years. All those endorsements and branding paid off. Does this mean the “mission to return sound to blah blah” is over or is it better in the hands of Apple?

    • scoggs

      I don’t think Apple could fuck this up. I think the acquisition will serve them well.

    • Mac Dre

      I think the sound might be better with Apple. Beats by Dre are cool-looking, good for listening to hip-hop and R&B, and have a crisp sound, but engineers and DJs don’t like to use them for mixing because their products emphasize the bass. Apple might be able to keep the cool look and quality, but give them the correct levels so they can really dominate every market for sound-proofed headphones.

  • GeniusIdiot

    Oh look a bisexual and a gay man making billions of dollars and pimping out communities


      1st off fuck your name bro…
      Now about this.
      3.2 billion? !?!?!
      Dammit man all I want is to be is debt free smh
      And this bo is about to pocket all this money, even though
      Im sure not all of it goes to him you know investors and shit

  • Mac Dre

    In all seriousness about Detox, I don’t think this makes a difference at all. Dre has been set. Doing Detox is about passion (or lack there of), not about Dre needing money.

    • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

      True, he can put unlimited amount of work into it. production teams, ghostwriters, movie like visuals. the passion has to be there though.

    • NoWuff

      If Dre were to release Detox he would do it to solidify his legacy. In my opinion, he hasn’t released it yet because he hasn’t made an album that would sufficiently follow The Chronic or 2001.

  • Mez D

    I feel like Apple would do fairly well making their own hardware but I guess its better to knock their biggest competitor out the way and already be established

  • Carter North



    “BREAKING NEWS: Company that sells overpriced products is purchasing another company that sells overpriced products.”

    • Selorm Amuzu

      Creating the first Billionaire in Hip-Hop!

  • Thee Knockout Artist

    so basically dre is gonna be the first billionaire in hip hop right?

    • Seif

      Well, he’s not taking all that money…

      • JackDiesel

        He probably only needs $400 mil or so to put him over the top

        • Flávio Oliveira


  • leutrim

    Money has never been the reason for Dre making or not making Detox. He has always had money. He collects more money from royalties than you can imagine because of the number of albums he has produced on. I’d love for Dre to put out Detox, God knows over the past 15 years there has been enough material recorded to release 10 Detox’s, but I’m just happy Dre is getting his money. We, as fans, should want the artists we love to be able to say goodbye to music at some point, we don’t want every rapper we like ending up like KRS-One or Lord Jamar, for example.

    Also, if anything, now that Dre doesn’t have to run an entire company, he might actually buckle down and decide it’s time to finish it.

    • Stevie Janowski

      exactly what I was thinking

  • Rob_Watts

    Looks like Diddy is no longer going to be the 1st Billionaire in hip hop.. #WestCoastBaby

  • AmIDickRidingyet

    I feel like this is a good move. Apple computers are used by a lot of musicians and acquiring a company that specializes in giving the cleanest sound to its customers just fits in the whole scheme of an Apple computer.

  • Blessed Ed

    Happy for him! as long as he doesn’t start flaunting it like Floyd Mayweather Jr

    • Mac Dre

      Please… Dre as always been twice as rich as Floyd (literally). This won’t make Dre act like Floyd. It might humble Floyd knowing someone now has 10x as much money as him! Haha

  • Dango

    Apple products are worth the money. Beats aren’t. Maybe that will change.