Slaughterhouse – SayDatThen (prod. Nottz)

blame it on Meka May 8, 2014

After teasing the masses with their plans of a new mixtape, the four-headed horsemen of Shady let loose a new assortment of bars for your NFL Draft night.


    royce fucking KILLED this

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      him and joey went thee fukk in!

    • Beard Gawd

      You’re right… Royce caught a fuckin’ body. Hopefully this is the Royce we get on ‘House Rules’ and their album. Angry Royce back, bruh!

      • SupremeSoulstice

        That Death Is Certain Royce

  • IfuxRAW

    ….and people still sleepin on em

    • Rodney Mcclinton

      SlaughterHouse Dat Shit Doe Nigga Is Sleepin On Em They Some Young Thug Fans lmao But As A SlaughterHouse fan im say there last album wasnt worth listen to but i hope this new shit aint no disappointment

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        True that. Its like 1-2 listens and i was good bcuz i know they can spit. Certain tracks were dope but some were just eh!

        • Rodney Mcclinton

          this mixtape fye doe im glad they got off that radio rip shit

    • I don’t know that it’s necessarily people sleeping on them as much as it’s people expecting to be disappointed by them when push comes to shove.

      Hopefully, they can break out of that mold with this upcoming album.

      If this mixtape comes out, I’m sure it will be good, but to have a solid project in stores would not only be great for their careers and respect, but would also be a statement to the rest of the rappers.

      Edit: While implied, I forgot to outright say that this is a good song, and the direction I think we’ve all been wanting them to take/continue on in.

  • I run Zamunda!
    • shake

      There’s also a button you can click on the Soundcloud embed.

      • I run Zamunda!

        Now there is… LOL

  • Deejhay Daz-One


  • MidKnightMaRawder

    Wish Joe Budden wasn’t on this group, ruins it all for me.

    • wat

      You’re tripping, Budden has bars for days and he was dope on this

      • MidKnightMaRawder

        may be true, but as soon as i hear his voice all i can think about is VH1 and Love & Hip Hop and all that dumb shit.

        • wat

          lol how is that relevant to the song though

          • MidKnightMaRawder

            It ruined it, I was enjoying it, it was dope then as so as he spoke, there goes everything.

          • YeDaTruth

            Joe has had the best solo career out of all of them, in terms of great albums. Does Ghostface on Couples’ Therapy ruin him for you too?? who cares.

          • MidKnightMaRawder

            Nothing can ruin ghostface. Ever. Plus, I would be mad if it did remind me of that cause unlike the other stupid shit, ghostface was hilarious on that so it would only make me happier.

        • Arrie Mental Woodard

          man if thats all you can think about then you must have not been paying attention to the projects he puts out. but no diss at all, shitt you entitled to your opinion and i respect it. but joe is that dude, emo and all. lmao

          • YeDaTruth

            I remember once on 2DBZ someone referred to him as “The Gangsta Charles Hamilton” lmao. But yeah Padded Room is one of my favorite albums of all time.

        • Exhibit C

          Try just not watching that shit in the first place

          • Belvedere Vodka

            Yea.. 1st mistake is watching that show anyway. how is a show like that not going to reveal anything that is not counter to the persona you want to see?

    • zamieo

      He’s by FAR the best artist out of the group. By FAR.

  • Will

    Now this is the Slaughterhouse I want to hear!

  • Pizza Steve
  • marty mcfly


  • who cares

    It’s cool. Nothing mind-blowing, but this did get me excited for the new project.

  • J.O.

    Joe snapped.. Beat tough!

  • Lepro

    Crooked is a pinch hitter for a reason.

  • SupremeSoulstice

    These cats tho!!!!

  • @ScHoolboyTom twitter


  • fraspi

    Nottz one of the most underrated in the game. His beats are so raw and so good! Slaughterhouse killed this, love it.

    • AndOneill

      Snaps on this beat!!!! Heattttttt

    • Keem

      no doubt 2up 2down

  • AndOneill

    Finally back on that heattttt!!! Last two projects straight trash, first album still fuckin Knocks tho

  • Carter North

    …who tf enjoys this, wtf are they REALLY saying?

  • feelin’ this… need some sh

  • Dante

    Eveyone went in and Royce took off but Joey snapped on this bitch lol. Joe went all the the way, like real shit…between him and Royce this beat is dead

  • Kev

    This is the Slaughterhouse from my senior year.

  • Justin Blantey

    So… did this mixtape drop?

  • Justin Blantey

    It was alright. Literally laughed out loud with that “better attic” line. Royce did deliver some unique word play and his flow was great.

  • Justin Blantey

    Damn, Joe is so deep. I’m liking this song more & more

    1. Royce
    2. Joe
    3. Crooked
    4. Ortiz

  • Venom12

    THAT’S what I’m talkin’ about! Crooked and Ortiz were nice, but Budden (Mood Muzik-mode) and Royce (Death Is Certain-mode) goddamn SEIZED this shit! Budden is such an unbelievable lyricist. He’s one of the very few out there who manages it to blow my mind 9 times outta 10 if the track offers the right platform to really put his heart and soul in it and really go DEEP!

  • fonzo517

    damn this shit goes

  • Alex

    Better than everything on that wack ass album

  • Royce went off…

  • Keem


  • we’ll see doe

    i think, that really was a shot a Q. Q and Buddens mans got into it on twitter week or 2 ago. there are no such thing as coincidences…. or random, lines. lol. shit was out of no where

  • WordSmith99
  • Ryan

    I don’t necessarily agree anyone is sleeping on them, (though I did click the ^) – people just don’t like their brand of music. I am with you though, I don’t understand how you don’t love Slaughterhouse if you’re a hip hop head?

  • Don Vito

    Shit hot! But as long as hip hop is in a state of non lyrics they will continue to get overlooked by the masses. I hope they don’t stop though like a lot of lyricist have

  • Sirilly

    ROYCE. Nuff said.

  • Eric Sanchez

    crook is the illest spitter and the most underrated on the west coast

  • CheGuevara.

    Nottz really captured that House Gang feeling with this production. Dope shit. Gotta say that Royce bodies this shit. Crooked been my choice emcee for over a decade and i rarely ever hear him come off 2nd best but Royce got this. I hope Justice League can create the right kinda sound for this album coz WTOH was such a let down; I honestly haven’t been as let down with any other album like i was with that one.

    This track is promising though and i can’t wait to hear the mixtape they planning on dropping.


  • Respect to all members. I’ll def say that Royce stole the show. I’ll say Joe Budden def had the 2nd best. How come he always goes last tho?