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  • snekkersten

    what about rittz?

    • http://rapgenius.com/T9FTW T9FTW

      "We're seeing a lot of people disappointed that Brotha Lynch, Rittz, Jay Rock and Big Scoob weren't in the cypher video...these guys have insane schedules and not everyone could make it to the shoot that day. Much love to all the fans who support and love the music and projects Strange Music is working hard to put out for y'all!!"

      - Strange Music, from the comment section

  • nah

    I'm so proud to have an artist like Tech to rep my region.

  • Pizza Steve

    This shit is crack, they spazzed!

  • Julien Williams

    Tech went insane to set it off!!

  • DC King Of Hearts

    This was the greatest cypher ever