Dr. Dre Celebrated Becoming Hip-Hop’s First Billionaire with… Tyrese

blame it on Illy May 9, 2014

Dr. Dre celebrated becoming hip-hop’s first billionaire through a deal in which Apple would acquire Beats By Dr. Dre for a reported $3.2 billion with a hilarious studio video alongside… Tyrese. Though Dre didn’t say much in the clip, Tyrese (this is probably Black Ty) had some words to say about Dre’s newest deal and how Forbes really needs to update their latest list.

  • biff tannen

    Yea yea yea…..get to work on that Detox album dude.

    • mike jones

      You’re dreaming if you think that album will ever come out.

      • biff tannen

        Don’t kill my dreams bruh lol

  • Carter North

    Well deserved
    Fuck diddy

  • Adi Pre

    Bose over beats all day, but I respect the achievement.

    • TrueGem17

      I think Apple is more interested in Beats Music service than headphones themselves.

      • Adi Pre

        Of course they are, I’m just saying, I’m fucking sick of seeing motherfuckers going round with Beats around their necks playing some shit way too loud, they’re a fashion item where as Bose’s sound quality and acoustics are much better and you know the person isn’t a sheep for following the current bullshit trend.

        • CMPTN

          Even bose is considered to be overpriced trash in most circles, I love their portable speakers, but in terms of actual headphones, unless you are a stickler for some stupid active noise cancellation that will make your music sound much more funneled and unnatural, it’s not a good purchase. There are far better brands that offer both what bose and beats do at much better prices and for a wide variety of uses.

          Literally the only reason beats have gained any sort of momentum is that dre’s stamp is on it, and the fact that they are probably the flashiest “premium” headphones that can still be catagorized and used with portability because of the way they fold and their generally build quality which is solid. They are competent products, the only reason they are overpriced is because they made for those people who wear em around their necks and show off. It’s the technological equivalent to having a bunch of dookie chains around you.

          • Adi Pre

            Of course there are better headphones out there for actual production, mixing and mastering purposes but you won’t see people with those type of headphones on for daily uses because they are not designed for that. I was referring to Dre’s competition and in my opinion Bose is the main competitor in terms of everyday high quality sounding portable headphones.

            Obviously having Dre’s stamp on the headphones has helped tremendously in terms of sales. My main point was that it’s good to see people rocking Bose or Sennheiser rather than Beats.

          • marty mcfly

            Them headphones is genius man. Pure genius and its not all about the headphones, its Dre turning his talent into a useful piece of equipment. Thats where the genius of it is.

          • Adi Pre

            Who gives a shit about how much money he has made or how he has used his talent to make money, my point was that there are better headphones out there.

          • marty mcfly

            Yeah and you can go buy those headphones then. Your saying who cares about this and that but you care, thats why you talking about it. The reason people care about money is because america is about the culture of money. If you walk into Wall Street right now and say who cares about money? The answer will be EVERYBODY. Dre is just playing the game that america has been about since the beginning. Dre aint the one out talking about how much money he got, everybody else is.

          • CMPTN

            if you think beats are a useful piece of “equipment’ then you really have no idea how fucking horrendous they are for the price point. He wouldnt even use them in studio.

          • marty mcfly

            Yes I think headphones are a useful piece of equipment. If we’re talking music then headphones of course would come into play. Dre used common sense to make this money.

          • Adi Pre


          • marty mcfly

            and if you wanna get technical about it? In the studio the best piece of equipment is the human ear. There is no audio piece of equipment ever created thats better then the two ears you were born with. So looking at it that way, whatever headphones you use really doesn’t matter, its just personal preference. You talk about the price point but then again, these headphones sell like a mothafucka so the consumers of this product dont seem to have a problem with the price. You pay hundreds of dollars for shoes and iphones? Ok then you can afford these headphones.

          • CMPTN

            you do realize the point of having “studio” headphones right? Studio headphones keep the response curve as flat as possible so you can depend on your own two ears to work with sound accurately. That is basically using your two ears to their fullest extent.

            Beats are NOT flat, they are notorious for giving off huge amounts of low ranges and heavy bass, which is okay for a listener, but you cannot use this in a studio environment. This is because if you make a track made with such a distorted range, the listener will only get the intended range if he uses the same pair of headphones to simulate the same tones, or in this case, having to eq it to get the sound to what its supposed to be. Studio monitors do not have bias towards any sound so they can be used as a focal point to create music, and that way if a person wants to have more bass on it, they can use their own listening equipment to hear it the way they want, be it with the lows being the focal point like a pair of beats would provide, or if they want brighter highs like a pair of grados would provide.

            Note the fact the price point has to do with a consumer using it as a fashion item, and not as a good pair of headphones of the price. Beats provide some of the best looking and the best build quality in that sort of range but they arent up to the same quality as adi was saying.

          • marty mcfly

            If the headphones is used as a fashion item then is that a negative for Dre? Of course not. Like I said earlier, you can buy other headphones so all that stuff you said (even if I agree) means nothing because all you have to do is buy some other headphones. People use multiple headphones in the studio. If you make a song using whatever headphones you like but you also realize that people like the sound of Dr Beats then that just gives more options to play with as far as sound and you can listen to both headphones at that point. You could give me a 20 dollar set of headphones and id still make the shit sound awesome in the studio because my own human ears can make the adjustment so again, at that point the headphones dont really make a difference for some people. I mean you dont have to take my word for it, the performance of this product speaks for itself.

          • CMPTN

            Congratulate him as having one of the best marketing departments in the industry and for grasping a market that does not get any exposure to the mainstream. Don’t give him credit for being some sort of genius when it comes to the product itself. If you don’t understand how studio headphones actually work when it comes to making things for a commercial, wide audience, then really bringing up the “ear” argument makes no sense in the studio since you dont seem to understand how production or sound engineering actually works when you are actually recording and mixing it on a PC.

            This is coming from a guy that’s ran mixrs and pros for a good year as a fun off studio or home listening pair, or for outside use. Dont be on the dude’s dick just because “everyone else” has beats. People will use different headphones to check different ranges and monitor different sounds and maybe get an idea what the masses will end up hearing, but dont think something thats actually actively muffling the fucking highs of a track are used in the studio for anything unless you are looking at a 2-bit soundcloud musician, not Dre for actual serious production. The performance of the product does speak for itself, and that has been documented, charted, and displayed in many frequency response charts, not on some kids buying it to listen to youtube ripped 128 kbps songs crammed on their iphone.

          • marty mcfly

            And you dont understand that not everybody is using these in the studio. Most people are smart enough to know these headphones are for listening to music on and really not for mixing down. Your the only person concerned with using them for that. Thats why I said the product speaks for itself. The performance of these headphones vs your argument dont match up. Yes the product is genius, why? Because REALITY backs that claim up fool. The title says “Dr Dre Celebrated Becoming Hip Hop’s First Billionaire…” Now thats not me dick riding the headphones, thats simply speaking on the reality of the situation. If your mad then cool cause a few million people are happy with the headphones. Your the one trying to use these in the studio, thats only YOU. Most of the people who been mixing for years have a pair that they regularly use fool and there not Dre Beatz because for obvious reasons these aint the headphones for that. I knew that from the very first few 2nds that Dre put these out.

          • marty mcfly


  • Lorant Mena


  • Hugh G. Dickson

    If all billionaires died there would be no war.

    • CMPTN

      people dying in order to stop other people from dying sure seems like a great thing

    • Y-Rap

      No there would just be even douchier people to replace them, probably heirs, unfit ones.

    • marty mcfly

      Outta all the billionaires, only a small few of them are involved in war. War is also human nature as well. Man will always go to war from time to time.

    • fonzo517

      there will always be war

  • Music

    They must have forgot about Dre!


    why do people care so much about money ??? and who has the most and the least.

    • Hood Oracle

      thank you

    • marty mcfly

      I think its more the fact that Dre made his money off doing what he loves to do. THATS the genius imo right there. Aside from the fact that regardless of what anybody has to say about Dre Beats? Them headphones was a great idea, like genius idea for Dre. Alot of people make beats, Dre was able to turn that skill and talent into something much more and thats why people care. The money is a byproduct of his work and talent.

    • Fuck All Y’all

      Hey man, it’s all about what motivates you as an individual. Some people are motivated by the happiness in others, so acts of kindness excite them, that’s what they care about and they’re mad/upset when people shit on and dog others. Others are money motivated, so them, or other people having a lot or a little excites them, it gives them something to talk about. There’s no right or wrong about it, because people aren’t meant to be the same. Everyone’s motivated by something different. If money doesn’t motivate you, I understand why it’s not a big deal to you. If it does motivate you, I would understand why you care so much about it. It’s just a matter of motivation.

  • xastey

    Well congrats Dre, only 6 years thats impressive by any standards. Now everyone and their mamma are making headphones. On another note, GET YOUR ASS BACK IN THE STUDIO AND RELEASE SOMETHING. Don’t have to be detox but damn release SOMETHING.

    .. Congrats

  • ayeyo

    Congrats to Dre! Great to see brothers get money.

  • jordan

    50 cent should have bought the stock and sticked with the team now he could have got like another 100 mill easy. 14% was 450 million for universal studios so if 50 stayed with them and got more involved he could have bought at least 5% and thats like 150 m

  • padawan_killah

    less than stellar move by AAPL

  • RϰϰςΨ

    Changed music permanently…

  • Anouar

    Thirsty ass tyrese bragging with somebody else’s money.

    • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

      Not really, he is happy that his brother has reached another level of success, it is actually good. It shows Brothas can rejoice in one anothers success and support each other. It sure beats the hell out of the “I got to get mine fuck every other Black man” mentality, that has most broke and hating wake up.

      • Anouar

        I get what ur saying and i agree, but tyrese.. nah he just desparate for attention

  • A power move. Apple was interested in controlling Beats Music more than the actual headphones. It is all branding though. Control the market by being everywhere.

    • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

      I agree get in while you still can.

  • LIV3

    honestly i think Sony MDR-7506’s are the best studio headphones to go with

  • Freid Sampleton

    heard its 800mil his networth will be not 1bil.

  • Luke Foord

    Haha love Ty

  • Ohms

    fix your face jigga