Papoose – They Ain’t Thuggin’ No More

blame it on Shake May 9, 2014

As he puts the finishing touches on his forthcoming YCSD mixtape, Papoose decides to take on DJ Khaled’s new single “They Don’t Love You No More.”

  • MidKnightMaRawder

    It seems everything i see something from papoose hes complaining about something lol

  • disqus_ymro7HxLny

    The Realest

    • Googaa

      Bullshit ass cover pap lost it back 06

  • disqus_ymro7HxLny

    See niggas is Mad cause Papoose refuses to submit like a Tru king. This art form was founded on knowledge,lyricism, expression, truth etc. Today’s rap game has nothing to do with music. It’s who your dating, what your twitter says, what sneakers you like.. Shit is wack.. Niggas don’t wanna acknowledge Pap cause then niggas would have to rap. Pap keep destroying niggas and stay on the necks.. 1 love

  • disqus_ymro7HxLny

    Niggas wanna try and make pap out to be the mad rapper but the truth is someone needs to be calling niggas out.. Pap not afraid to keep it real

    • marty mcfly

      What is calling out niggas gonna do? Nothing, especially when he aint even say no names. I like Pap as an MC but if he wanna check niggas, he need to run up on them in the street and get active. If people wanna take it back to thuggin? Then its time to put the mics down and pick the guns back up but honestly Im glad these rap niggas is doing something else rather then thuggin these days but if Pap wanna get back to thuggin then its time to stop rapping then. I dont know why Pap would come out his face talking about niggas need to go back to killing each other again? Like COMEONSON. Speak for yourself.

  • marty mcfly

    Of course niggas aint thuggin no more smh. The point was to get outta that life and put that energy in business fool.

    • Korey Parker


  • J.O.

    That BET backroom freestyle tho!!