KiD CuDi Developing Short Film For "Balmain Jeans"


Seems like CuDi has caught a serious case of the film bug, not unlike RZA who was also recently captivated by directing/acting. Taking to Twitter last night, CuDi announced that he would be "developing a short film" for his Satellite Flight: The Journey To Mother Moon cut "Balmain Jeans." On top of writing the treatment for the vignette, CuDi will also be going behind the lens as director. Via Miss Info.

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  • Rodney Mcclinton

    cant wait

  • Joe Kerr

    Hopefully the visual will be doper than the actual song......

    • Goldberg brain

      You tripping, this song was one of the dopest tracks on the album

      • Joe Kerr

        Save the whales man....

  • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

    Why am I on this page?

  • Nuance

    That song makes me cringe.

  • 32gq

    Man that song was dope but to each his own

    • AlexFirth91

      Guess dudes haven't been in that situation with a girl lol.

      • 32gq

        So fuckin true lol honestly though I feel if u don't like cudi you don't like music granted this wasn't his best worm the dude makes good music

  • Bambi

    Everything this guys made since he left G.O.O.D. has been trash

    • maus

      *since he joined

      • Bambi

        MOTM & MOTM2 were both extremely solid projects. Thise were his two hip hop projects he cane out with while on GOOD. He then began to branch out, and came up with WZRD (swing and a miss), Indicud (ehh) and Satellite Flight which i thought was just mumbling over suboar production

  • funkadelicbluntpasser

    geat song great album only indicud is his weakest album what trash u talking about

    • maus

      You're wrong.

  • Starks

    Dude looks like he needs some new jeans


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