Saturday Night Sexy: Stephanie Rao pt.2

Twitter: @_LadyRao | IG: _stephanierao

Re-introducing Italian-Puerto Rican model Stephanie Rao. Just because so.














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  • S. Malik

    sadly i've seen all of these pics already

    • I run Zamunda!

      and I haven't... So I'm going to enjoy.

  • Stevie Janowski


  • YeDaTruth

    She's hot, but her attitude on IG is really annoying... #Raolife my ass

  • leutrim

    Every one of these models that say they're mixed are full of shit. I know all these models aint fucking half italian, half thai, half kygristani and shit.

    • YeDaTruth

      To be fair, it's probably not that hard to be half italian and puerto rican. But yeah, I agree, most of these bitches are lying.

      • leutrim

        True, it's not the most outlandish one, but deadass every one of these models are fucking mixed. And it's not like it's Vogue saying that shit, they just put that in their IG bio. #StayWoke

    • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

      I believe she is, because Italian women unmixed does not have that shape. They look like average White Women. Puerto Ricans are mixed enough as is, African and Southern European with a small portion of Amerindian ancestry, for the most part which is why their bodies are thick proportionate and voluptuous.

  • Mr. Scare Your Girl

    Just wish she had some bigger titties, I love playin around with them

  • 2dope4nope

    I would enjoy some Analicia Chaves next Saturday night foreal though, her IG says all!!!

  • Ace Hood’s Rollie

    I'd turn straight for her

  • Nuff said.

  • IfuxRAW

    She nice

  • BO$$ UP^


  • Adi Pre

    NOW we're talking. Hot damn, those legs, hips, tushy, stockings and heels, mmmmmmm, it's like summer in a bowl.

  • Your Best Friend