• bodiddlywiddly


  • Fork and Spoon Distribution

    Dope Joint good job.

  • Booga Brown

    Bodiddly korny....hatin...shit was nice....but yall needed booga brown on that....jam young s man....I would've killed it...but shit was dope ..not like fuck ass bodiddly hating ass rappa ya bish....cant wait to see you...fuck ass nikka....hater....


    I saw the 6 train but no path train.wtf

    • Derrick M. Clarke

      Ill take the blame for that bro. I simply never had the chance.

      • OPTIK

        understood! I've had to compromise with b-roll too but u gotta have the path train lol good shit though

        • Derrick M. Clarke

          thanks homie! i try man, hopefully there will be some more grimier stuff I can shoot