Mac Miller – Faces (Mixtape)

blame it on JES7 May 11, 2014

After debuting a few songs and announcing the the mixtape a few weeks ago, Mac Miller launched his Faces project through his new interactive site oldjewish.

Peep the 24-track mixtape – featuring ScHoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, Sir Michael Rocks, Rick Ross, Vince Staples, Mike Jones (who!?) and more.

Oh, and uh, Happy Mother’s Day.


  • MewLover34

    Earl features are on POINT.

    • we’ll see doe

      what SONG

      • MewLover34

        Polo Jeans & New Faces v2

        • we’ll see doe

          thanks dog

    • 32gq

      Had the best guest verses out of everyone vice staples up there to

  • Boomer

    WHO? MIKE JONES!!!! I thought that nigga was long gone

    • mike jones

      I ain’t going no where, 2813308004

    • Mac Dre

      He performed in Cleveland like this time of year in 2012, and the place emptied out after the openers finished their sets hahaha

  • wat

    This tape’s production is top notch. Mac is subpar with the rhymes and delivery as usual although there’s a couple points where he impresses me. But for the most part it’s his usual high, lazy, incoherent, random ramblings.

    P.S. lmao at the random Mike Jones feature.

    • Mark

      Finally somebody who isnt on Mac’s dick

      • wat

        Never. K.I.D.S. was dope, Best Day Ever had a few gems, but I’ve pretty much disliked everything else beyond that.

        • Mac Dre

          Interesting. I liked KIDS, and nothing after that until Movies With the Sound Off, which I liked a lot. I’m gonna check this out.

          • wat

            WMWTSO had some nice songs on there. SDS’s beat is one of my favorites of last year.

        • biff tannen

          My exact thoughts on this kid

    • AndOneill

      you not enjoy this for what it is tho..?? chill ass beats with nice rhymes over it, he is no jay electronica lyrically but he does his thing. This is a great mixtape, i can play it from start to finish without skipping a track and i aint even a big Mac fan, this is a great tape

      • “big Mac fan”

        Pardon me I had to laugh at that.. lol

        • AndOneill

          lol good sense of humor my man!

        • wat

          “Pardon me I had to laugh at that” haha nice

      • wat

        I don’t expect him to be a lyrical miracle but his delivery is terrible and he’s literally just rapping about random shit lol. I liked it though. The music was good.

        • AndOneill

          a “lyrical miracle” lol, nice!! yea but he does only rap about been a coke addict and his drug problems, its a great tape tho. production is crazy and all the features are on point.

          • wat

            Yeah even the Ross feature fit haha. I’M BUTT NAKED WITH MY CHOPPER NIGGA!!!

  • AndOneill

    great production dam..!! nice tape Mac

  • mikeekoch

    Haha, Schoolboy Q feature on 3. Friends

  • kajzer283

    I’m not very impressed with this mixtape. Every song is fucking slow, few songs are good and i like them, but other songs are boring. I really don’t know what happened with Mac, old mixtapes are awesome and i listen them every day, but this? This sucks…

    • Johnny Tarr

      what mac miller mixtape is worth listening to everyday?

      • kajzer283

        Mixtapes: Macadelic, Best Day Ever, K.I.D.S, Blue Slide Park. Best Mixtapes!

        • Blue Side Park was horrendous, guy.
          Only thing that saved it from being the worst rap release of the 10’s was one of the best Clams Casino beats ever in “One Last Thing”.

          Mac last album was his best release – bar none.

          • wat

            Agree with Blue Slide Park being one of the worst hiphop albums in recent history but imo K.I.D.S. is his best release.

        • Danny

          Oh, geez. You got a lot of Hoodie Allen and Chris Webby on your iTunes too, huh?

          • Guest

            No, I don’t ;) Peace

  • james toller
  • I’m quite sure that the “RetcH” feature is Da$h.

    • jaybee502

      Mike Jones is actually on the song {uber}

  • pifff

    diablo still ill.

  • YouAintGotTheAnswers!

    mac miller is a rodent

    • YouAintGotTheAnswers!

      a fluffy one at that

  • Adi Pre

    This was actually really dope. Nice production.

  • Joe Kerr

    Enjoying this…. This guy is good, and doesn’t take himself too seriously in the hyper masculine world of hip hop…. What’s not to like?

  • go

    Did Larry Fisherman produce this?

  • Joe Kerr


  • Grant Petersen


    • Joe Grasse

      who ?

  • Jay Daniels

    Young Mac is so legendary right now.

  • Tiny Loc

    I hate this clown… but this shit goes. great work. solid he killin the production too

  • Joe Grasse

    keep progressing mac… consistently getting better and better.. a good number of beats on this were probably self produced too im guessing

  • bodiddlywiddly

    Man what the fuck is up with the description, neither ab-soul OR retch are on this tape

    • uberhiphop

      Schoolboy is on the chorus of friends.. the dude saying “Miller Mac Mac Miller Mac” that shit..

      • bodiddlywiddly

        I never said anything about schoolboy…..

        • uberhiphop

          My bad I’m drunk.. but ab soul did some adlibs, that’s why he got a feature

  • Pizza Steve

    Dope as hell! Mac been killing shit.

  • PV

    such a waste of good production. Imagine an mc that actually has something important to say over this shit, in particular that happy birthday beat

  • DreyB

    Here We Go is amazing!

  • McNorthy


    • factsonly

      instead he just used all of Drakes flows lol

      however this man production is getting out of control

  • McNorthy

    but wait…..wheres soul??

  • PaperPlates Clothing

    incredible album man. love the production also

  • Sirilly

    Blah. I wish somebody else rapped over these great beats.

  • 32gq

    Love how niggas hate on a free body of music smh lol tape was dope though

  • trapgod72

    Am I the only one who was slightly disappointed that Ab-Soul and Schoolboy Q didn’t have larger roles in “Friends”, and “Polo Jeans”? However Mac makes up for it a shit ton with of dope ass songs that are easily repeatable. His sound has evolved (most likely from the amount of cocaine he seems to do now) and its turned a chapter of musical maturity in his books. However I do not recomend cocaine for use, although his musical abilities might convince me otherwise.Happy Mothers Day.

    • trapgod72

      I dont do cocaine

    • mike jones

      yeah the cocaine raps are getting very old.

    • CNTRST

      Whatever, Top Dog isn’t really generous with allowing his artists feature on free shit.

  • Cheeba G

    this dude is gunna overdose and die soon

  • JustaDude

    only heard half the tape & im liking it. I feel like the man is so sick. He has so much potential.

  • mike jones

    What’s the deal with him mentioning coke in like every song now? This is why I don’t listen to Pusha T, I really don’t want to have to add Mac to that list.

  • SleepyTheGreat

    Why Mike Jones Rap Better Than 75% of XXL 2014 Class Though lol

  • Sameer Achmad

    I hate to be one of those people who spams their music on websites but this shit is crack and needs to be heard

  • Bashir Retro Bazemore

    am i the only one missing the ab-soul verse ????

  • AARON B.

    Mike jones