Chance The Rapper’s XXL Freshman Freestyle

blame it on Meka May 12, 2014

With XXL’s much-talked-about Freshmen list now out and about for everybody to pick apart, XXL is now rolling out the profiles of their selections. First up? Quite possibly their “Most Likely To Succeed” pick, Chance the Rapper.

  • what the fuck was that

    • sineng

      that was amazing!

    • Chris Brown


  • Calvin Valentine

    Fuck Rap Ya’ll Can Have It Back

    • Jaztazj

      I’m trying to figure out when rap was yours to give….

  • Yeezus


  • xastey

    This is on some spoken word time shit. Dunno how I feel about this

  • SpeakingHarshTruth

    If you didn’t think this was dope, or watched with a blank stare, you may want to wait for the Lil Durk freestyle. It’s probably aimed at someone of your intelligence level.

    • Freaky Pad Thai

      lol you’re a piece of garbage. this shit was dope but i bet durk’s is gonna be just as dope.

    • solis91

      I like how everyone assumes that if you don’t like a rapper, or song, or even a freestyle that they like you must like some stupid shit like Lil Durk. This freestyle sucked. The whole list sucked. It’s a damn shame that this passes off as good rap now a days.

      • AmIDickRidingyet

        the freestyle was weak. that’s all you right about

  • James Stanford

    I’m a Chance fan but this was horrible. You gotta put this right next to the OJ the Juiceman freestyle(can you believe they put him on the list ? *Looks at 2012* yeah you can)

    • cam

      “Freshman of the year like a basketball playa!!'”

  • Ed Holiday


  • fikkid

    “thanks for making us in your image, you’ve got a good sense of hubris”
    NIGGA! Dope

  • $nicka

    once someone does something simple or different that they cant comprehend they are quick to say trash

  • Steff

    Youngins coming here expect every freshman to spit battle raps all the time. Relax though. lol This is pretty cool to me.

  • wealthistheword

    he takes pride in approaching verses differently than the average rapper may. his passion is apparent, the kid is poet… that happens to rap.

  • thatrandomguy

    I’m glad he went against the norm. This was cool

  • Dave

    Chance the type of nigga to start rappin like Das EFX. Just because.

  • BathSaltZ0mbie .

    The shit was not ground breaking, and I hate nignorant rap trust me, but this shit was trash. FOH

  • Mez D

    Not on some false deep shit but this was deep.
    The chorus to the lines and metaphors all tie in to the that last line. Just maybe he should have thrown in some more bars seeing as how this is his introduction to many.

  • Pizza Steve

    That’s why I rock with Chance. This is not for the simpleminded. He will have the only XXL freestyle from this list that will have people watching it over & over not because of some dope bars, but to capture the message & creativity. I just wish it was longer. Dope shit.

  • NeonDaydreams

    Alright, definitely a Chance fan but this wasn’t necessarily ground-breaking. However, it was pretty damn deep, and not to a pretentious degree either. Jay Electronica could have spit a verse saying exactly the same shit, talking about angels and using god metaphors, and niggas would be eating that shit up.

  • Great piece that requires a few rewinds to understand the depth. The kid has a poetical vibe to him.



  • the flow was clever. He starts off by saying he’s ugly, describes himself – his hair, then relates us to being made in gods image, and concludes that he (god) has a good sense of hubris

    do yall know what hubris is? …excessive pride or self-confidence

    • JaiDee630

      well that went over my head not gonna lie

  • BlackSmith3

    If you think this is weak you are crazy. You telling me you want him to rap about another bitch right? Trippin.
    “This a house of God im just leasing he rent it to me. This sentence he penned it too this a Gmail he sent it to me”. Gmail…God’s Mail as in a gift being sent. Do i really gotta break it down? Am I “dick-riding”? No. But i damn sure baffled how yall always want something “different” and when it is crucify it. Confused ass “Rap” fans fam.

  • AlexFirth91

    It was cool, creative I’ll give him that.

  • Elgin Brown

    How the fuck did i know this nigga was gonna sing…