JAY Z Attacked by Beyoncé’s Sister Solange in an Elevator (Watch Extended Footage)

blame it on Illy May 12, 2014

TMZ just released footage of Solange allegedly attacking JAY Z in an elevator after a MET Gala afterparty last week at the Strandard Hotel in NYC.

We don’t know much information as to why, but you can see Solange screaming at JAY before physically assaulting him. A bodyguard attempted to hold Solange back but she managed to land a kick before Jay grabbed her foot. Beyoncé—who was also in the elevator at the time—did not get involved.

UPDATE: Here’s full video of the attack.

  • AndOneill

    Oooo shit!!! Man I wish there was sound, he must have done or said some nasty shit, she is is goin for the kill, my bet 15 years ago she would have got the shit slapped out if her!

    • 15 years ago she was 12.. so yeah I think she would lol

      • PatrickBateman

        Reminiscent of a certain bus driver…

  • PatrickBateman

    I find it a bit odd Bey wasn’t even trying to calm down her sister. Never say anything about the goddess.

    • SpeakingHarshTruth

      Bitch stood there like Maury Povich while the bodyguards put in work.

    • Cameron Graham

      Thats what the bodygaurd is for. Would it have really helped the situation in B started attacking her sister?

      • PatrickBateman

        Attacking her sister? No but it doesn’t look like she was verbally trying to calm down. Idk I wasn’t there, I’m not a celeb and I don’t have millions of ppl questioning why I was attacked by my sister in law.

  • Seif

    Now he has 100 problems.

    • biff tannen


    • One

      Ha! Classic comment my g!

    • Goldberg brain

      That joke is like on every fucking website


    • Da_Beast

      well played, sir!

  • Your Best Friend

    Jay must of known there were camera’s lol


      NA if he did they would have got the footage and not let it leak, they mad private and gonna be mad about this

  • Juan Mando Tellez

    Some girl she is to just stand there and let her sister wail on Jay.

  • Eli Pinilla

    Beyonce in the middle like “hit that ngga!!!”

  • Cameron Graham

    If this were jay and a guy fighting or if jay hit back it would be a huge scandal. Because it was a woman hitting a man it will be laughed at then forgotten. It messed up how feminists get up in arms about double standards that hurt them and ignore double standards that help.

    • Dave

      Crazy world we live in smh.

    • DIesel

      you don’t know what feminism is

      • Cameron Graham

        Feminist believe men and women should be treated equally, but many focus on the places they are treated in a lesser way then men and sweep incidents like this to the side. Thanks for ignoring the main point of my comment and making assertions you could never validate though.

        • DIesel

          No. Feminists acknowledge the unequal treatment of women historically and currently.

          The fact that you’re using a 3 minute video clip in which you have no idea what is going on to attack a progressive social movement only speaks to your ignorance and of like-minded people. But hey it’s ok you didn’t come here to learn anything

          • Cameron Graham

            How was your definition different then mine? Are you saying feminist recognize the inequalities and don’t think they should be rectified? I never attacked feminism. I attacked misguided hypocrites like yourself. btw did you see any outrage over solange attacking jay-z or did you see a bunch of memes making fun of it?

          • DIesel

            I’m saying this isn’t about feminism but u felt the need to bring the movement down here for no good reason. Solange isn’t trying to rectify women here, it’s a private video of a family affair. Who gives a shit about memes bro it’s the internet there’s no chill

          • Cameron Graham

            You clearly cant let shit go. for the sake of never seeing you on my feed again I’ll give you the victory.

          • DIesel

            some shit worth standing up for b, its bigger than hip hop

    • Sirvere

      VERY TRUE. I dated a white girl for 3yrs who went loopy the last 1yr 1/2 of the relationship and she would blackout and attack me countless times. Hit, swing, slap, punch, kick, strike me w/ hard objects not to mention her verbal onslaughts and no one paid much attention. Ppl thought I was the abusive one for yrs. I almost got locked up 3 times, lost positions etc. Years later ppl saw how crazy she was. This society is crazy. Even the judicial system favors a woman when it comes to violence and domestic disputes. You’re right ppl are laughing at Jay but if a man was the aggressor or even worse retaliating he would be seen as a coward and shunned.

  • marty mcfly

    Jay did what he was supposed to do, just stand back and let security get her under control. For those thinking this is some other shit, wait til you get married LOL. Also Beyonce and her family are creole, now if you have creole women in your family then you know once they get mad all hell will break loose. Niggas fuck with them because most times their always beautiful and they can be some of the best kinda girlfriends when their happy but once they get mad its gonna get crazy. Jay did the right thing though, just stay the fuck away from this bitch.

    • Starks

      Are you really going to call somebody a bitch without knowing the reasoning for her actions? Dawg, stop sucking jay-z dick.

      • marty mcfly

        You homotrolls talk about Jay’s dick more then Beyonce does. Yes I would call her a bitch, if a woman gotta punch and kick when she gets mad, that would imply a lack in self control and that makes her a bitch you captain save a bitch ass nigga. Jayz aint Chris Brown fool, he chillin, aint no need for all that bullshit. FOH

        • Starks

          LOL you sound so ignorant. What if Jay-Z was disrespecting Beyonce all night to the point that her own sister wasn’t having it anymore. Would she be still considered a bitch for defending her sister? No. For automatically assuming that she’s crazy makes you the dumb bitch.

          • marty mcfly

            Yeah she would because she and her sister are both adults. Children get mad and act like Solange in this video. Adults talk and then act like they got sense. If a bitch wants to be respected as a lady then that means she gotta act like one.

          • Guest


          • Cameron Graham

            what if Jay challenged solange to a kickboxing contest before entering the elevator? Ever thought of that?!!?! Some people are so ignorant.

          • Starks


        • Starks

          You sound like the type that if Jay-Z called your mom a whore and a bitch, you’d agree with him.

          • marty mcfly

            You sound like an emotional fukboy thats mad cause your more of a bitch then an angry female is.

    • Silas

      “Don’t mess with Creole women. They can put a root on your ass” Benny “Snake Eyes” Wilson

    • Fucc basic

      creole is an Heritage not a race

      • marty mcfly

        Didn’t say it was a race.

        • Fucc basic

          You’re Implying that Creoles was different(in races) from African-American by Singling out Creoles by having their own separate traits and attitude that are inherited by ancestors which isn’t true Why not say jay got an hood bitch for an sister in law

          • Exhibit C

            He wasn’t implying that and it’s kind of racist for you to say that attitudes and traits are passed down by ancestry. The way people act is determined much more by their environment than their genes. People of all cultures are capable of being short tempered, Creole people are more likely to express that anger physically like Solange because that’s how they’re brought up and that’s how they see their role models react. Nothing to do with race. At least that’s what I think he was saying, I don’t even know any Creole people.

          • marty mcfly

            Word. Its not even about how they were raised but as for ancestry? Some people come from places were its just hotter all year round now I dont know if this is true or not but have you heard the phase “hot blooded”? Creole women are just hot like that. Its not just with anger but its everything they do period, they move with a sense of urgency and aggression with everything so when they get mad then yeah, its going down. Its not a diss but go ask a Creole woman if what im saying is true and she gon say hell yeah. Beyonce and Solange is just hot people, they full of passion about everything so when Solange is mad then yeah you may get what you see here in the video. It is what it is

          • Sticky

            Many traits are genetic actually

          • Exhibit C

            Genetic, yes. Based on skin color and race? Not as far as I know. There’s genetic diversity within every race.

          • Sticky

            True I was just correcting what you said about traits bring determined more by your environment than genes

          • marty mcfly

            Beyonce and Solange are about as hood has the Olsen twins.

          • Cameron Graham

            You’re making that implication. An ethnicity or culture also can have similarities in attitude among other things (in fact that’s sort of the definition). Though it is a blanket statement to say all creole women have bad tempers. but I feel most of the readers understand thats not really what mcfly meant, and that including all the extra minutia would have messed with the point of the comment.

      • marty mcfly

        here I’ll say “creole is a race” just so your comment actually applies. Your welcome

    • dune

      Was down with your comment until the “creole” mentoning..are people still using this term?

      • marty mcfly

        I mean you see the tape right? Solange is punching and kicking so I mean if im saying what you see her doing then it is what it is. As for Creole women? I got four in my family and them bitches will fight at the drop of a dime and before I was even born there were many black people who believed that once a Creole women gets hot, they fighting end of story. I mean the Creole women in my family would cosign exactly what im saying cause they done been in a gang of fights for years now. It is what it is. Im not dissing cause I got love for Creole women but when I tell you they will get physical, thats just the truth. Them bitches will kill your ass if you not careful, go ask one if im telling the truth or not?

  • Saugdenstock

    I know it’s serious drama and shit but I laughed my ass off watching this. So funny

  • Itza

    Jay, if u fcked this up….

  • RϰϰςΨ
  • xastey

    Yeah we need to get that audio

  • biff tannen

    A certain well known Jay stan gon’ be maaaaad when he sees this. Poorly constructed paragraphs upon poorly constructed paragraphs will be written lol

    • SpeakingHarshTruth

      Aubrey got some ammo from this one…Solange dropped a god damn care package for his ass lmao

  • James Stanford

    Damn Solagne only get talked about by hitting JAY Z. This is the highlight of her career right here

  • Shapey

    LMAO Beyonce watched the whole shit go down like Fredo

    • Dave

      In the cut loool

  • Ghost Of Len Bias

    I think I got to the bottom of why she did this:

    5 Songs Solange Was Listening To Before Beating Up Jay Z |

  • PV

    damn TMZ just released the audio y’all!

  • Alex

    Wouldn’t be me doeeee

  • Chris Brown

    funniest shit ever lmao

  • Lafayette Royal

    Jay must have spat the second verse of “Bitches & Sisters” off of Blueprint 2
    “Say JAY Z why you gotta go and disrespect the woman for HUUUUUUHHH?”

  • ayeyo
  • Dave

    Still doesnt change my view on wanting to fuck her hippie ass.

    • Hood Oracle

      solange is sexy af I saw her in person at bb kings one night i’d fuck shit outta her.

  • Reezy

    “Who you calling a bitch in front of everybody like that?” Solange “Im calling you a bitch, Bitch! Your an animal S, learn some manners” Jay-z “@[email protected]#$#$!$#^%@^$%5 fuck you nigga” “Beyonce how you gone continue to let this nigga talk to your family like that!!?” Solange “Next time keep yo crazy ass at home S, …BITCH!?” Jay Z …No audio necessary people.

  • Bambi

    Hahahaah..I literally can’t stop laughing about how poor of a job that security guard is doing. He let Jay get smacked a dozen times. Come on Jay!!! You and Bey are worth a trillion dollars! Higher Iron Man for fuck sakes! hahaha

    • Bil AL

      His ass was fired untill he hit that emergency button

  • Jordan

    The title should really read: “Brother-in-law gets into disagreement with the family”. Nothing to see here

  • Starks

    I’m emotional? Keep in mind that the majority of this site thinks you’re the biggest jay-z dickrider of all time that defends and praises everything that this man does. 2dbz could post “JAY Z crosses a street” and you’ll be the first to say “DOPE!!”

    • marty mcfly

      Yes your are an emo bitch. I comment on the topic as described in the title, you comment on my comments with your emotional bitchy self and then get owned like the bitch you are LOL.

      • Starks

        Am I really getting emotional or am I pointing out how pathetic and childish you sound. You’re incapable of responding without acting like a child with childish insults. I drop factual shit about you and your suspect jay-z obsession that everybody that comes on this site knows about while calling you out on how ignorant your response was about the video. You really need a lot of growing up to do son.

        • marty mcfly

          Fool you started talking to me first, the childish insults came from you dumbass. Your talking about suspect when in most your comments you talk about Jayz dick… FOH faggot

          • Starks

            There’s nothing suspect to what I said when I’m stating the obvious about you. You are seriously obsessed with jay-z. If you were to comment to the post with maturity then I wouldn’t have to call you out for being an ignorant human being. And for future reference, if you’re going to attempt to “own” someone, trying to type like you graduated from high school and if you are still in high school, you should consider paying more attention in English.

          • marty mcfly

            Stupidass my comment was about Solange acting like she’s outta control and based on the video, its absolutely clear that was the case. Again bitch, my comments are about the subject at hand, you commenting on my comments do more to state your obsession with me then it does in describing my comments. So yes you were not only “owned” but you were completely shitted on by my reply’s back to your homotrolling self. My comment was mature you dumb fuck, you came in talking about your homo thoughts of sucking Jayz dick smh. Then you assumed some dumbshit about Jayz in defense of Solange attacking him on camera like a crazed lunatic. Your talking about ignorance when your comments are thee most ignorant in this section. Your an emo faggot thats upset because your gay but thats not my fault. Listen you gays will pay for it as your burning in hell but dont worry here on earth you can be free as dumbfuks all you want ok fag. So when you go on and on about sucking dicks, listen your reality is not what my comments are about. Your obsession with me is based on you being a homotroll but dont take your unhappiness with life out on my comments which obviously pertain to the subject matter and again I wasn’t talking to you in the first place. Your existence is worthless so be gone and stop describing your own comments as if they were mine. Good day bitch

  • OutsideLookinIn

    In the middle B stay calm..

  • $nicka

    what is she saying!!!!!!

  • Adi Pre

    If this was the 60’s Hov woulda slapped that bitch. I’m sick of this whole ‘Men can’t touch women’ bullshit. Fuck outta here.

    • Dave

      Back when the term Real Nigga actually meant something.

    • Danny

      Are you kidding me? What would allowing men to hit women solve?

  • Damn the only time a girl swing on you like that is when you fuck they best friend or something.


    Drake sent her. I’m sure

  • Carter North

    He was sooo close
    Bitch lucky

  • NC0310

    I don’t understand how Beyonce is just chilling. She didn’t even try to break it up

  • LIV3

    Jay is a funny nigga

  • Jordan

    3 minutes? Where’s the elevator going, Heaven?

    • LIV3

      probably some nigga hitting the button to some high ass floor lol

  • deeznuts

    Solange said Jay u gon get this work!

  • RealHipHop

    they taking that shit to space or something? that was the longest elevator ride ever b.

  • SupaTron3000

    Too bad we can’t hear what was said.

  • Joe Grasse

    Other footage just released

    • Seif


  • Ohms

    Jay Z the GOAT!

  • Gras Aap

    Hahaha fuck that bitch

  • Chris Brown

    beyonce quiet like a motherfucker. word that she was whispering “wooooorldstar”

  • MrDRiceJr

    This is clearly over Beyonce. No way a sister would let her sister attack her man while she was there unless it was in her defense.


    I dont know why people are so blind. WTF??? Check it! Everyone Acting like that is so far fetched and solange is just crazy for no reason.. Watch!!!.. The video for christ sake and look at her speaking and yelling. It wasn’t just all feet flying. This was not about career comparisons. She knows she will never be as large as her sister.. Fans tell her that everyday. Look at beys body language.. She was afraid to defend either because.. She couldn’t defend what is right.. Or else Jay probably would have ********..That’s fear. And she couldn’t defend her man cause gusee what.. He was wrong period. If Jay was not the villain in this situation do you not think bey would have stepped in to protect her man? Come on guys, Read between the lines. Bey isn’t as strong an as she looks and says in her music.. That’s how it always is. Women like Beyonce always fall for ugly abusive men. #truth
    And after its all said and done.. She was put in the middle to walk away like her sis is probably Advicing her to.. Or stay in this lie of a relationship.. What do you think she choose to do.. Seeing that the social media eye is constantly on them? After she just had a baby? You think she’s going to open up to the world about this?? LOL hell no. I’ll tell you what is going to happen. Their PR worth a million $$ is going to defuse this. We will not be taking about this two weeks-a month from now. Solange will be looked at as crazy, cut off her sister like she’s already showcasing.. And bey will remain in a messed up relationship made worse due to the drama.. And no one will be able to defend her when shit gets bad at home.. Because no one will know of this factually.
    The price you pay for having everything.. You lose your voice.
    I salute solange.. But I encourage her to remain behind Bey.. She needs someone to speak for her. As You can tell.. That’s why Bey said nothing in the elevator.. Solange said it all.

    • Silas

      Let me know who you get your dope from – looks like it is A grade lol

  • Good thing Gucci Mane wasn’t in the elevator too