Seriously, Stop Running Up On Action Bronson While He’s On Stage

blame it on Meka May 14, 2014

In what’s now become a norm at all of Bam Bam’s shows, some guy who clearly likes being punched in the face on a regular basis gets, predictably, the paws put on him when he jumps on stage during a show in North Carolina. At this point, people are trolling Action now.

Just watch his food show, “F*ck, That’s Delicious,” instead. Save your face.

  • wat

    Goddamn Bronson lmao

  • shake

    Big hit! Now can someone start punching people who record shit with their phone straight up? Thanks.

  • Arun Gopal


  • jaymacka

    Crisp kiddicks, right hand quicker than Riddick’s…

  • Stevie Janowski

    Damn that was a John Bradshaw Layfield close line from hell

  • malcyvelli

    Nigga just got the meanest haymaker

  • datbul

    That shit looked kinda choreographed. Why would someone just jump up on the stage and stand there in front of him? Looked like he was just waiting to get hit. Also, dude kinda jumped back at the same time he got punched, like it was on some WWE tip. Lol. Not sure I’m buying it.

  • Carter North

    Fuck it

  • leutrim
  • fonzo517

    I don’t know if it was staged or not but the kid was definitely looking for some sort of reaction from bronson

  • Ohms


  • Yasser Kaskas

    I think the real story here is Action Bronson stage diving!

  • kjk
  • JudyTooCool

    Actually i don’t think he minds it, it turns up the crowd, no one touches him or you will get worse than this video, and who else could get away with demolishing that many people. I’ve only seen one video where it seemed annoying but he hasn’t said anything about this either… why try and stop such a great part of the show…

  • Prime Culture

    This Kat can rhyme but he sounds like a white Ghost Face. I think I’ll jus tune into the Original Gangsta GHOST FACE KILLA

  • Prince Akeem

    this dudes a big wrestling fan right? yea this shit staged as fuck

  • ~X~


  • Stian Nicolaysen

    _WHEN_ is the “Bronson knocking fans out”-compilation coming? Been waiting on that forever.

  • North

    Who knows what song that was