Ab-Soul’s New Album to Drop in June

blame it on Shake May 15, 2014
ab-soul live

Last week we finally got some concrete information on Ab-Soul’s long-awaited and highly-anticipated album with the revealing of the official title, These Days…. The release date was said to be revealed this week, but it looks like TDE CEO Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith has decided to involve the fans first.

Taking to Twitter, Top Dawg gave four release dates in June for fans to choose from. June 3, 10, 17 or 24.

My guess? Most (if not all) fans will choose the 3rd, for obvious reasons. Either way, it looks like we’re finally getting some new Soulo next month! Until then, be sure to check out “Tree of Life” if you haven’t already.

  • shake

    June 3rd, June 3rd, June 3rd!

    • Chris Brown

      fuck yeah

      • AmIDickRidingyet

        why this picture?

        • Chris Brown

          enthusiasm. and jabin drake

    • LXRD

      It may be that I am just slow but why June 3rd for obvious reasons?

      • AmIDickRidingyet

        so people can get the album sooner

        • LXRD

          lmfao i am defintely slow. I was thinking the date was special or something.Like Alori’s birthday or something like that.

      • Might be because it’s the earliest date amongst the 3?

        Hope this album ain’t like the features Ab-Soul’s being doing recently. If it is, then this album gonna be straight boomboom.

        Nah, nigga, I ain’t forget:

        “No Doubt Like Gwen Stefani group/Let me put my mouth where you potty, boo.”
        “I bit the Apple on the Mac computer, you a loser”
        “My tee is wrinkled but the irony is that I’m so depressed”
        “You can make you cum first; shit, you can come twice/Long as you cummin’, baby, you ain’t gotta hide”

        Or this nigga’s horrendous verse in the 2013 cypher.

        • Bashir Retro Bazemore

          i beg to differ bro. the last line in his cypher about soul brother and c l smooth. plus his verses on crowns and thorns plus made in black America was hot enough to me for him to save face and not give a damn about those subpar verses.. however i do agree with those verses you put up… definitely not his best work

        • cam

          That T is wrinkled line is dope!!! Other than that I agree…

    • thatrandomguy

      Nah, June 24th. More time to get shit right

      • Reezy

        I Agree. Cause i feel like Ab-Solo deserves some more exposure.. can we get a single, video, freestyle.. something!! Either way, its gonna be a dope album.

      • the shit is done.. obviously. he been sendin terrorist threats to top dawg

    • shovel

      First off this is a album wheres the singles the promo the videos if he actual drop next month i wont even be mad that he leaves TDE ill support him 100% you see how much they put behind Q even Isaiah and SZA and they had eps with videos everyone getting more push then he is and its a shame because he has 2 projects in the vault and we have not heard a project since 2012, smh I hope they no what they are doing

      • Motion Fiction Media

        Totally agree with you. They haven’t even started any type of promotion, yet the album comes out in less then a month?

        • Jay Daniels

          Q, Soul, Isaiah, Sza and the rest of TDE had a family draw for 2014, and Soul got the short stick. This explains why he has received 0 promotion in comparison to the other 3 releases this year smh. TREEZ

      • fonzo517

        I feel you but I doubt he’ll leave that label

  • Hiero

    I don’t think this really means it’s dropping next month. He could be trolling because of the frustration of the fans repeatedly asking when the album is actually getting released.

  • Rob_Watts

    IDK. There’s no album cover, no singles, I don’t see him on any promo runs. June 3rd seems to early, i think it’s going to be the 24th.

  • Mez D

    June 3rd is kinda early that’s like less than 3 weeks with no promo yet. They need to actually push this shit so he can sell well. I’m sure even alot of his fan base are kinda indifferent since he’s been sort of on a hiatus minus some features here and there..

  • HeruthaGod (Original N-G-R)

    As a fan I don’t think he should rush to release this. no singles, vids, promo, etc at all for this album. Only people anticipating it right now are Soulo fans. And even if Top chooses June 24th that is still too early imo. They should push for Rock’s album first then Soul’s. Top should’ve let him release that project with JMSN awhile back because he’s only sitting on a few feature verses & two “ok” songs right now. Hope the album will be great though cus Soul been slacking lately

  • tdotperera

    Rather wait for a proper release instead of seeing soulo flop.

  • Devon

    I thought “Tree of Life” is his single…

  • Thank Me

    Really hope this album isn’t trash. Even though fans are going to opt for June 3rd, I’m just hoping this will be dope

  • liam eagan
  • MarkyMark_MARK

    I was gonna jump up and scream June 3rd like most will but dudes on here kinda convinced me that it’ll prob be better if they pushed it back a few weeks so it can get some more HYPE and Promotion

    also recently there’s always seems to be a song or two that wouldve made on the album if it had a few weeks to get a sample cleared … or finished tracks couldve used a little bit more time in the studio before they were realesed

  • Bambi

    The funny thing is is that I guarantee it doesn’t come down to what the fans want. Top is a smart dude


    All I know is Soulo had quite possibly the best verse of 2013 on Whale off that V.I.C.E.S mixtape.

  • Ggoodday

    I dont think we actually get to choose the day, he’s just being sarcastic.

    and I dont see how you guys would want a later date because theres no hype no promos no singles no videos. lol seriously? I understand that for them its from a buisness stand point but as a fan of solely music i don’t give a crap about the numbers or the damn hype. I just want the music soul, just give me some music.

  • realness29

    Ab hasnt even released a dozen songs since Control System, the mixtape with JMSN was canned, he has been ready for this album for a long time, 2+ years in fact. Not a chance does an extra week or so make a better final product. This guy will bring just as much heat june 3rd as he would the 24th

    • realness29

      That being said promo is key to putting out an album. Soulo’s buzz is pretty low right now among those who are not fans of him, putting the album out June 3rd isnt a good idea from that point of view

  • Bout time its been forever since we heard anything new from my boy ab soul. Hopefully its worth the wait. Honestly though I’m trying to hear some new Jay Rock. Last time he drop an album was in 2011 if I’m not mistaken.


    Im wondering if he’s even considering this his first like real album, like to the masses. I doubt it. Its probably just like a project mixtape idk *shrugs*

  • EOB
  • Steffen