Watch The Clipse on ‘CNN Tonight’

blame it on Illy May 15, 2014

Watch CNN Tonight’s Bill Weir detail the story of Pusha T and No Malice—better known together as The Clipse—from their rise from drug dealers to successful rappers, and details both Pusha T’s solo musical road when No Malice re-discovered his faith.

  • When can we catch the whole thing?

  • Chris Brown

    fuck yes


    We Need Another Clipse Classic.

  • ohyougotjokes

    full version… they’re never getting back together.. fuck

    • Goldberg brain

      I would give my left nut for a Kane and Abel album

  • marty mcfly

    Its not like a huge difference if Clipse wanted to make another album. You could tell Malice never really wanted to rap about the drug game anyway but he did so because adding that other side of the coin to Pusha’s aggression gave the Clipse albums something unique. Really, alot of the most really street niggas dont even put they shit on record in the lab, they be rapping about other shit and the fools who barely put in any work be rapping like they the Godfather. If anything a concept album could be put together between the two of them for the next album that could musically just say what they just said on CNN. On some Good and Evil type shit.

  • deeznuts

    We don’t need another Clipse album, y’all should be happy for them. No Malice is happy, Pusha is happy.

  • Richardgudnitz

    love it. love it. love it.

  • Adi Pre


  • cam

    Pusha T is the best rapper alive.

  • PromoAnimal

    Next Clipse Album maybe like a Speakerboxx/ Love Below concept

  • DC95

    “I’d seen ’em pay for their fix when their kids couldn’t eat. So with that in mind, I still didn’t quit. And that’s how I know that I ain’t shit.” – Malice