Bambu – Welcome To The Party (Video)

blame it on Meka May 16, 2014

Bambu hit the streets of the Philippines for this latest visual from his upcoming full-length, people-powered album, Party Worker. What does that mean, exactly? Watch the video below to find out more.

  • drewsmit24

    Shit nice

    • TopFlightAnonymous

      You gay as fuck for liking this shit nigga. I knew you was a fag

      • Asals

        why? because it takes talent to rap like this? because it isnt just “money bitches and cars” tight out the whole track? because the beat isn’t cut and pasted from every other “rap” track? Your comment is honestly pathetic lol.

        • TopFlightAnonymous

          Thats exactly why. This shit is trash. Boring. Cant turn up to it. Style is garbage. Cant fuck hoes to it. Cant smoke to it. Hell I wouldn’t even drive to this lame ass shit. Useless music…

          • Mark Anthony Bulusan Callera

            what a dick!!! nigga u don’t know shit bout real hip hop!!! u pro;;y like 15 right?

          • TopFlightAnonymous

            I bet this shit ain’t in yo playlist…. EXACTLY

  • Mk Nguyen

    Whoa! first time seeing Johneric in flesh and dance. Reminds me of Art. Miss Bay area fam. Thank you, Bambu, for being one of my thousand teachers, Hope to do you all proud in Frogtown-Midway, St. Paul. Will contribute to kickstarter campaign when I get some paid work. Encourage all others to financially support to project that will benefit us all in the long term. Much love, gratitude, and respect. – text.

  • DOPE.