Hip Hop Invades 'Jeopardy!'... Again

The last time this happened, some of the funniest reactions happened. This time, Alex recited partial lyrics from the likes of Cypress Hill, The Notorious B.I.G. and others with contestants had to finish off the bars. Truly amazing stuff.

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  • Stevie Janowski

    How the fuck my nigga Pac not make it on Jeopardy

  • wat

    lol dude on the right was running through those questions.

    • bobX9

      how you not know bout Ken Jennings... mans won the most prize money ever on any US game show.. and holds the record for longest Jeopardy winning streak... cman brah

      • wat

        Here's a simple answer: I don't watch game shows.

  • Nuance

    4 white people and the only one they miss is a fucking Beastie Boys song. Classic song too.

  • Ghost Of Len Bias

    Gucci Mane was a clue last night.

    • that clue was quite a surprise. that joint is a smooth one too.

  • Anthony Stark

    "its a sabotage. Yes." LMAOOOO

  • BathSaltZ0mbie .

    Alex recites this shit soooo white, u almost dont recognize the songs lol


    • yeeeeeeeeehaw

      you thought he would rap it out? lmao gtfo... haha, what would that look like

  • fab4life

    I can't wait when they say "finish this rhyme by Dwayne carter" a millionaire I'm a young money millionaire tougher than what west African country?


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