• Hood Oracle

    now this is news!!!!!

  • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

    fuck yea

  • Adi Pre

    Purple is probably my fave Nas track ever. Wow this is huge news.

  • TheCatalyst

    This could be really good or really bad. All depends on what unreleased tracks make the cut. If it's full of unreleased and mixtape tracks from the 90's, this will be really really good.

    Also, let's all hope Mass Appeal Records doesn't turn out like The Jones Experience or Ill Will Records.

  • Sirilly


  • KingYo!

    I'm excited about all this news. The album, the artists, etc. Everything. My favorite artist rocking with Detroits very own Boldy James is too crazy.

  • mpls612

    i hope colors will be on there!

  • EOB
  • jk

    do you think that you're kevin durant? lmfaooo