Trinidad Jame$ – Def Jam (Video)

directed by Goodwin

Young Trini's bass-heavy single that came out back in January gets the visual treatment today. Hopefully his Def Jam debut will drop this year as well.

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  • ktondre

    It doesn't seem like that bad of a song until his flow goes off beat... Twice...

    • OGBobbyJohnson

      Agreed. That hook isn't that bad, but everything else is awful

  • Bryan Brennick

    Unfortunately that's what gets you deals now a days. Instead of being a talented wordsmith and creativity. Lyricism don't mean shit anymore.

  • OGBobbyJohnson

    This man ain't never gonna recover from that Tim Westwood freestyle

    • Jafa, the creative

      I'm laughing because I forgot about that horrid event until you just brought it up again hahaha

      • OGBobbyJohnson

        Haha the man was literally sinking and trying to grasp on to any lifeboat he could find

    • ☁⚡Bläzé4President⚡☁

      Lol now I have to go watch it...


  • MusicHead

    It's actually dope lol, he even got better surprisingly.

  • Bil AL

    surprisingly good.

  • 3rdeye2hgh

    His BEATS tho lmao

  • FuckYouPayMe

    Song's iite. Sucks that Trinidad literally can't rap though.
    Damn did James get his teeth fixed? Money done changed a nigga..

  • DC King Of Hearts

    This is the first time I've seen him with straight teeth...that counts for something

  • North

    Somebody remove this bozo from the map.

    • malmoeone3

      Yo that pic is mad funny. Is that kanye? lol

      • North

        Its North, nigga!

  • NYCityKid

    I really want to see this guy do better. Let's see if he can make another hit record. He can miss me with this bullshit tho. Hopefully one day we'll forget/ he'll forget how Maino had him lookin crazy on the radio.

  • agraysocialite

    Nah, I respect this, because the way he raps reminds me of how ODB went of beat alot. I don't know maybe I can tolerate it better. I think rappers do that so you pay more attention to the words, in my opinion.

  • PromoAnimal

    Nobody caught that this video was shot in Brooklyn (Maino) ?




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