• Enjoyer of Music

    Turned it off smh

    • Enjoyer of Music

      No slight towards JMSN though, that was a great album

      • shake

        I'm RIGHT there with you. Great LP, this video? Not so much.

  • zamieo

    Dope song, dope album, weirdass video lol.

  • DC King Of Hearts

    I'm starting to equate JMSN for the strangest videos I've seen in the past two years

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/ViLLyViLLz?feature=mhee $pruce Yee

    He just wanted to be the first artist to release something in 4k... That's what really happened my niggas.

  • Motion Fiction Media

    what happened to that project with Ab-Soul?

  • DIesel

    stop making videos

  • _AudiiO

    Woman of Wilendorf?

  • sinfulsweet16

    I mean yea the message is cool but there is a less disgusting way to convey it