Theophilus Martins & Thelonious Martin Link Up On “Show Me Around”

blame it on Shake May 20, 2014

Throughout the years I’ve been supporting both Theophilus Martins and Thelonious Martin, I’ve found myself mixing and matching their names on far more than one occasion. Now, the two are on a record together!? Oh man… definitely had to triple check the title up top haha. Anyways, with King Thelonious on the production, Theo Martins delivers the vocals for “Show Me Around.” Take a listen below and be on the lookout for Theophilus’ upcoming Doing It For Television EP, due out next month.

Peace to OKP on the premiere.

  • TheRealPaperKut

    This was inevitable. And dope.

  • Dave

    You still mixing and matching. Its Theophilus London. The other is right though.

    • LIV3

      its not theophilus london though, it is theophilus martins on the song lol

    • shake

      London and Martins are two different artists as well. Confusing, I know.

  • Danny

    This is too fucking confusing.



  • JJ//WOLF

    I have a headache from being confused. None the less, this is cool. Could’ve been longer.

  • Parker

    this is their 3rd or 4th track together