Ab-Soul – Stigmata f. Action Bronson & Asaad

blame it on Meka May 22, 2014

While fans anxiously await for his new album, These Days…, to drop next month, Soulo lets loose a new banger featuring Action Bronson and the artist formerly known as Saudi Money, Asaad.

Produced by Rhaki. MixedByAli.

Los Angeles residents, you can catch the entire TDE crew in August as they are one of the many performers at this year’s Made In American festival.

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    dope as fuck!

  • Eternalist

    What we’ve been waiting for

  • Bambi

    Mucchhhh better than his Dub Sac and the Tree of Life track or whatever its called

    • 32gq

      I thought they were good just not up to par to what he capable of like dis track he has here

  • Big V

    Damn my expectations are high for that project… SOULO HOE !

  • Mr. Phrygian Cap

    ill #Hiiipower

  • leutrim


  • Mo

    Finally :)

  • Nigga finally rappin’ like he give a shit.

  • Sabo

    Asaad though!!!

  • Pizza Steve

    Dam! I knew Soulo wasn’t gonna let us down. This is probably nothing compared to what’s coming.

  • Adi Pre

    Ooooooo Weeeeeee, that beat is so crisp! Dope!

  • shake

    Super dope. Best “leak” thus far IMO.

    • Quinton Q S Hill

      they need to do right by him though and let these records get some momentum before the release

  • Ed Holiday
  • Donald Nolen

    Ohhwweeee, that’s fire!

  • marty mcfly


  • “Thank you Steve jobs”

  • j4ipod94


  • AndOneill

    Soulo!!!!!! Dope track

  • Fabian Leon

    hopefully it drops june 3rd tho

    • Fuck All Y’all

      Nah, too soon. One of the later dates is better, that way he can actually run a lil campaign and promote it some. June 3rd is literally two weeks away and that’s just not enough time. It would be nice because we’ll get it sooner, but I’d rather see his album have some success with proper promotion.

      • Fabian Leon

        i feel u on that

  • FifthGod

    Who peeped the Nas bars in the hook tho

    • 32gq

      It’s low key but is there

    • Sirilly

      God’s Son baby…

    • Why??

      It bothers me to be honest. It’s the exact hook from ‘The Cross’. It ain’t low key at all. Maybe he’s just paying homage with it, but I feel a lot of his fans might not get the reference and the song would’ve been better w/o.

      Maybe because 9th Wonder’s remix of God’s Son is one of my ATG’s (lot goes into why for me)….

      • soulonice_

        Soul fans more than likely heard God Son and The Cross, at least I would hope as hiphop fans.

        • Why??

          Talking about God’s Son makes me feel old and out of touch lol.

          I only say that (about his fans) because I think TDE & especially Soul attract a lot of the younger generation. Their online/social media presence playing a big part. I honestly have no idea what younger hip hop fans (who weren’t really around a decade+ when the album came out) think or know about it.

          • ILLY

            The positive thing is that the rap genius at least points out the reference. Even though everyone doesn’t use rap genius, it’ll bring it to the attention of a much larger audience than Nas heads and older hip-hop fans.

          • Dan

            The good thing about music is that younger fans can go back and appreciate older albums. Just because we weren’t there to listen to it on the day it came out doesn’t mean that we’re ignorant of it. Real hip-hop fans will have an interest in good music whether it’s a day, a year, or a decade old.

          • Thomas Richelieu

            if your a fan of real hip hop you listen to classics anyway even if it goes over there head there people like us out there to educate them

  • Sirilly

    If Soulo continues to come correct, he might get my money again. So far so good.

  • malcyvelli

    Never heard of asaad dbut he fucking snapped. wow.

    • Fuck All Y’all

      Check out his track “Alejandro Jodorowsky Flow” feat Ab-Soul .. It’s on here somewhere, just search his name or the song title. He’s nice, been nice imo, and is very consistent nowadays.

  • 32gq

    Such a good year of music evolving all genres so far little dragon, the roots, b the black keys, phantogram, coldplay, is I am rashad, school boy and such loving it

    • AC

      Damn, you just put Little Dragon, Phantogram, Coldplay, and SchoolBoy in the same sentence as The Roots and Black Keys. I’m hurt.

  • 32gq

    Oh yea gambino and sza lol

  • Thank Me

    This is DOPE. Much better than what he’s been putting out recently

  • Prime

    Bronson came a little weak on this

    • Fuck All Y’all

      I agree, but sometimes cats hop on tracks to compliment the track and not outrap everyone else, I feel like that’s the case here with Bronson.

      • Prince Akeem

        ive never heard of that. that sounds like an excuse for a bad verse

    • malcyvelli

      Disagree. Thought it was a very nice verse. If anything soul came the lightest on this.

  • James Stanford

    It was light weight in MY eyes. It wasn’t trash but I expected to be blown away. Still a solid track. I’m gonna still listen to his new project


      How can u expect to be blown away when your first thought is exactly that o.0
      ….just dwell on that for a minute.

      • James Stanford

        Its not that I WANTED not to like it or give it a chance. I just hold rappers to a bar they previously set for themselves


          I guess so… but by you doing that it sort of clouds your judgement.u know what i mean? to where as someone who hasnt listened to this dukes catalog my just get “blown away” by this song (which I havent heard cus I’d rather hear it when the album comes out lol).

          • malcyvelli

            So anyone that is a fan of Soul needs to relinquish any preconceived notions about his previous material being dope? That’s kind of ridiculous. Having expectations on an artist you like (or don’t) is totally fine. If they have potential to blow you away and have a good track record then why not expect that from them? Plus that pressure helps push the artist to better their craft.

          • GENIUS IDTENT

            To answer your question, no of course not I was just pointing out that someone who hasn’t heard of any of his music might just get “blown away”. To where as someone like james already knows what this guy is capable of making and that is some really fucking good music, so then your expectations are set high which is fine and an opinion is formed off those high expectations. Im sure pressure helps a bit but who knows everyone is different *shrugs*.

  • $nicka


  • SupremeSoulstice


  • Tim Kolesnikov


  • NYCityKid

    Wtf did Ab-Soul say that was so amazing!? What an overrated song. I’m reading these comments like I’m about to hear something amazing and this nigga’s verse is wack as fuck. The only person that had a quality verse is Asaad and I don’t even know who that is. And I fuck wit Bronsolinio but he normally never says anything spectacular so he gave me what he normally does but you guys stay gassing this Ab-Soul weed junkie like he’s the second coming of Yeezus GTFOH!

    • biff tannen

      I concur. Track was cool. Nothing amazing.

  • Guest


  • jordan

    soul shits on schoolboy

  • I came here for the Nas inspired hook hehe

  • Jay Daniels

    Dudes don’t just lazily “come weak” on major releases. If you don’t like
    Action Bronsons verse there’s a good chance it’s only YOUR opinion,
    because i’m sure Bronson, Soul and team feel it’s 100 or it would not
    make their cut. No-one is making excuses for Bronson coming weak,
    because he didn’t come weak. Pause pause pause.

    • AC

      Call me crazy but I thought liking a verse was a personal preference?! And just because Ab-Soul and his team thought AB’s verse was cool doesn’t mean that it is scripture. Infact, I’m somewhat suspicious of TDE’s taste afer hearing the Schoolboy Q project.

  • AC

    Paying respect to Nas!! I could live without Action Bronson and his toupee though.

  • datbul

    Don’t see what’s so great about it. Not terrible, but I will never listen to it again.

  • Guest


  • deeznuts


  • Tyler Reaux

    peep the autograph on the cross. uniquely dope.