Copywrite – For My City (Response)

blame it on Shake May 22, 2014

Photo: Alisha Lange

Always one to rep Columbus, Ohio, Copywrite takes D1’s “For My City” instrumental and details the love/hate relationship he has with his hometown.

  • Josh capo(noshess)

    Thanks for representing the city and doing a response. This track is ill OH10!! Mhz 4 life.

  • Adi Pre

    Very dope.

  • ÐwÅïn ThØmŧ

    So fuckin’ real! Salute!!! #614

  • Tino

    Sounds like most of Ohio but you can’t do nothing but love it

  • Hugh G. Dickson

    How is this GOOF this relevant? Go do another RIP song to someone you never met, right after they die so you can profit off their death.

    • Guest

      Your comment history is nothing but hate lol. Get a life and maybe you won’t have to be jealous that you are irrelevant to the world.

    • Jonathan ApexSage Sciance

      WHOA. What did you just imply? LMFAO. Copy has one of the biggest hearts ever. I’ve spoken to the dude personally. ur a piece of shit internet user who doesnt know a goddamn thing. I assume ur talking about Dilla? How do u know who the fuck Copy has met? Wow bro, ur a huuuuge piece of shit. You better never publicize who you are. Cause I’ll merk you myself. Thats bond.


    216 sendin love. This is pure OHIO and how I feel about my home state.

  • BathSaltZ0mbie .

    I rep the Bus all day but he’s right. Fans are fickle down here. Here go my shit.