• Arun Gopal

    The beat is hard

  • JaiDee630

    I like Emilio =]

  • Tino

    Song of the year! haha j/k but this joint really is on a billion.

  • KingOfSwing

    dat beat doeeee

  • Why??

    I don't feel the content of this song but I have a lot of respect for Emilio Rojas. He is on point when it comes to his lyrics, delivery and flow. And he's been putting out some dope music for a LONG, LONG time... and not gotten the recognition for it. I don't like all of his songs but as an emcee the boy is gifted.

    I respect the grind!!

  • 2dope4nope

    This shit is dope and I 100 the "B'*'tch is Crazy" and it's better than that smell like pussy and cologne, was a huh but this should get some radio spins crazy 1's won't like it though haha

  • New millennium Nat turner

    Beat is crazy