• PatrickBateman

    LA lineup looks better than the Phily lineup

    • shake

      way better!

      • NYCityKid

        Um Kanye West and Pharrell am I missing something?

        • factsonly

          you just missing the hype

        • BCE

          Kendrick, Chance, Cypress Hill, Q, Nipsey, HS87, Soul, Zay, Rock

  • pifff

    fuuuuck...that price though.

  • tbgc94

    ha, don't matter tho. I'll watch all the rapper's set here on 2dbz. fucc payin $215-$626. frrrrruuuucccc outta here

    • JohnniLive

      And then they want to ask for a donation to (RED) right before you're about to purchase a ticket.

      • tbgc94

        U gotta be fuccin kiddin me.

    • Stephanie Skinfill

      Compared to other festivals, that is actually a really good price for a ticket but I can see someone not wanting to pay that if they're only into hip hop.

      • tbgc94

        Trill shit . Coachella startin' at 3 bills. I jus refuse to pay to what someone walk bacc and forth on stage.

  • Mierff

    LA lineup is garbage, im selling this ticket today, would rather go to the Philly show.

  • Brandon Ruffins

    TDE has performed in LA waaaaay too many times! I've seen these cats so much its getting annoying. I get it, they're doing their thing and they're from LA but fuck, can we PLEASE get some variety!!?? I already have my ticket but I will be selling it as soon as the prices jump. Seeing TDE for the 4th time is not in my interest at all, especially for that price. I don't even think their worth $30 at this point. LA SHOWS ARE OVERLY SATURATED WITH TDE, SORRY... While Philly gets Kanye, Cole, AND Pharrell for half the price?!?! SIKE!! I'm cashing my ticket out and going on a cruise ha

    • Stevie Janowski


  • Kellie

    cypress hill