• Chris Brown

    dope song I got this album on rotation

  • Enjoyer of Music

    I don't know how people have formed opinions on this album already. The Roots don't make music you put on in the background while you do something else. You really have to sit down and digest it. Especially this album. The concept is out there and sonically, so is the album. Idk how you can get everything this album offers in a week.

    Yeah its short, but would you rather have a 100 pennies or 4 quarters? Yeah, there's not a lot of that rappity rap shit but would you rather have a meal from McD's or a steak?

  • XLRG

    best song on the album...

    • http://www.praverb.net/ Praverb

      Definitely a dope song. I love their maturation over the past few years.

  • ATK

    people need to understand that this album is on another level. I actually see it as unfair to label this as a Hip Hop album. This is musically completely different and takes elements from so many places, well just like any other Roots album. But as Quest has been saying in interviews lately, this really is like an opera. I could imagine this being performed live on Broadway or something. Those saying that is pretty lame because Black Thought isn't rapping enough on it really need to open and expand their minds to what the Roots do. They are more than just hip hop....

  • AC

    Already one of my favorite Hip-Hop songs of all time!!! Long live Black Thought, ?Love, and Dice Raw.