• “OMG”

    Now this is my kind of jam

  • Black Crime Rate


  • espyy

    I would like some Black Milk's bars anyway... this is hard as fuck. that P verse DOPENESS

    • Jon Osterman

      Same here Fam. Black Milks production is always top notch and when he spits over his own shit >>

  • Jon Osterman

    Dope song none the less

  • Genesis

    this is tough! need a download link

  • leutrim

    Random Axe x Barrel Brothers came through with a classic. Also, I love that we have four underground rappers on the same track and each comes with a different style. Torae with the bully rap, Skyzoo with the introspective bars and double entendres, Guilty Simpson with boom bap coke rap and Sean P with the braggadocios and witty bars.

  • TheCatalyst

    This a scrunch face beat with gutter raps to match. Nasty...

  • http://www.praverb.net/ Praverb

    This is lethal...various styles for the audience. Skyzoo!!!

    "Shuttlesworth, and I'm butters worth on a shooting spree
    Sharp shooter, part shooters, move the seas
    Get it, shuttles worth, part seas"

  • Big V

    Fuck that shit's hot !

  • DBS

    Incredible, it made me really want another Random Axe album though.

  • marty mcfly


  • biff tannen

    No words are necessary......

  • Design Mongrel

    slaughter house vs. barrel brothers+random axe?

    • espyy

      The 2nd one, no doubt. Black Milk beats are superior and in my opinion P, Guilty, Torae and Skyzoo are better rappers than the Slaughter boys.

      • Ryan

        superior to whom? you have to assume the same beat would be used for both groups in this case. would be an amazing (and LONG) track!

  • Ryan

    I saw they have a track with Blu on there too ... should be a monumental album

  • Y-Rap

    Yes, Yes and More YES.