Saturday Night Sexy: Crystal Renay


Twitter: @CrystalRenay | IG: crystalrenay

End your Saturday off with Italian/Black/Spanish model Crystal Renay.
















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  • SB


  • SupaTron3000

    The Thirst Trap is strong with this one.

    • http://www.idonthaveasite.yet Steʀʟɪɴɢ Aʀcʜeʀ

      She's a MODEL. Thirst-trappin is, by definition, the name of the game lmao

      • KingYo!

        Word. Lol

  • S. Malik

    Those HIPS,DAMN!!! Very NICE! (Loso voice)

    • malmoeone3

      I def agree with that. I'd go to sleep on them hips.

  • datbul

    Fruity Pebbles>

    ; )

  • who cares

    I'm loving everything about this chick's body.

  • ill Will

    Oh she's the chick from the cover of that Skyzoo EP.

    • Dante

      Yeah brah, I just peeped that too

  • Dante

    Not to mention the perfect balance of tats, not overpowering in the slightest



  • leutrim

    Italian/Black/Spanish? Word, and I'm also supposed to believe her tits are real and Crystal is her actual name? #StayWoke

    None of that changes the fact that she's bad, but I'm sick of these IG models frontin like theyre mixed and shit.

    • AmIDickRidingyet

      who isn't? You act like everybody only breeds within their own race.

      • leutrim

        Except she's not identifying as an Italian, Spanish, Black woman. She's not celebrating Saint holidays, Kwanza and Cinco De Mayo every year forreal. Sure, she might be 5% Italian or some shit, but the only reason she's flaunting it, if it's even true, is to come off as exotic. She can't just look the way she looks, she has to be an exotic blend of different cultures.

        • Motion Picture Gangsta Shit

          She doesn't look italian/spanish at all, she just light skin

        • AmIDickRidingyet

          nobody needs to identify with every single ethnicity they're born with. if she is all that, the only people who care are the people who put emphasis on race in the first place.
          IOW, who gives a shit

          • leutrim

            "None of that changes the fact that she's bad"

            i dont care, that doesnt mean i cant point out the fakeness

          • Guest

            I don't know where you're quoting that from. probably the same place you got your assumptions on her being fake

        • Adi Pre


      • Tekwon

        Yeah now. 20-25 years ago when this girl was born it wasn't so much the case. You have to be more then 5% to identify with a race imo. If all your family members are one race, claiming to be mixed cuz a distant relative you never met is something else is being fake. If I had a nickle for every girl who claimed to be mixed cuz their great great grandmother was a 1/4 something else I would be rich.

        • AmIDickRidingyet

          if you live in America, chances are you're more than 5% mixed. way more. don't try to draw the line anywhere on the subject. people are proud of something and you somehow find a way to be annoyed about it. if she can name a hundred of her own ethnicities, who gives a shit?

        • malmoeone3

          Dude I agree with you 1000%

    • Tekwon

      Don't forget the fake ass.

    • malmoeone3

      Say Word.

  • YeDaTruth

    Damn, she looks good. her eyes are kind of piercing tho, like, they don't have a kindness to them. I know it seems like I'm nitpicking, lol

  • LBN-3805

    This my favorite picture because she is gorgeous and she got my favorite cereal... And for that she look like wifey material

    • leutrim

      Fruity Pebbles are straight up the worst cereal on earth

      • MusicHead

        FUCK NO. That's the best cereal out ever.

        • Dante

          Fruity Pebbles and Capt. Crunch go hard

          • MusicHead


          • smh

            capt crunch do go HARD.....literally!
            shit feel like Im chewing ceramic tiles n shit.....but the flavor be on point, can't front
            (the "oops all crunch berries" version is more my twist)

            anyway Im more a frosted flakes, apple jacks guy......sometime fruity pebbles n lucky charms

          • Dante

            Frosted Flakes goes down as classic in my book. Def a forefather in the cereal game lol

          • malmoeone3

            them fruity pebbles and coco pebbles get soggy way too quick. Gotta eat them shits as soon as the damn milk hits it. lol

      • LBN-3805

        Nigga you trippin you prolly like Rasin Bran or Chex or some other boring shit like that

        • leutrim

          Fuck no, I'm all about that dark chocolate special K, you need to peep that

        • Josh Morse

          ...and Dark Chocolate Special K is the best rebuttal hahahahahah

      • malmoeone3

        them fruity pebbles and coco pebbles get soggy way too quick. Gotta eat them shits as soon as the damn milk hits it. But I def murder them Frosted Flakes on a regular.

  • LBN-3805

    She's sexy especially with that box of cereal in her hand she showing off her kitchen skills

  • LBN-3805

    Ew is she mixing coco pebbles and fruity pebbles

  • LBN-3805

    I always microwave my cereal it's the only way I eat cereal, I don't mess with that cold cereal, my cereal must be heated up at a minimum of 70 seconds

    • Dante

      I never heard no shit like that before. I might give it a try the next time I eat cereal. I'm just trying to figure out how to tell the wifey not to make me pancakes and eggs and instead, I want heated cereal lol.

      • LBN-3805

        You won't regret it, oh and make sure you add more dry cereal on top of that but don't mix that in too much cause if it gets moist it's gonna get nasty

        • Dante

          So hey bruh....I tried the shit and I was fairly surprised. Warm cereal is good as fuck. The only downfall is that it made me want to go straight back to sleep lol. And you do need a top layer of dry cereal to balance the crunch factor. Mad props to LBN

          • LBN-3805

            Aye I told you that shit would be good and as for getting sleepy I guess you gotta build up an immunity to that but aye make sure to spread the word

          • malmoeone3

            Hell no I aint warming up no damn cereal. Unless it's cream of wheat or some grits

          • LBN-3805

            Well no one is putting a gun to your head forcing you to try it

          • malmoeone3

            True that is

      • malmoeone3

        Lol. That was dope

    • Dave

      Thats weird as fuck. But i think im a try it out lol.

    • AmIDickRidingyet

      so oatmeal...

      • LBN-3805

        No cereal warmed up

  • $nicka

    Finally some chocolate. She has some bad tats though

  • Ace Hood’s Rollie

    she wouldn't drop me, would she?

  • marty mcfly


  • Adi Pre

    So bad she should be illegal, DAMN!

  • Ohms

    I like her jail tats

  • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

    Hottest looking SNS chick in a while, more of this less of the rib skinny White chicks.

  • DeenBFromEP

    I need that Borat potato sack for this one. Damn!

  • malcyvelli

    Dear lord.

  • fonzo517

    god damn

  • Dave

    Damn this bitch is scrumptious as fuck.

  • nuggawhat

    Im cummin all in dat ass

    • LBN-3805

      whoa calm down pal

  • malmoeone3

    All of this race divulging is corny. Just say what the main two factors of your make up is. Listing back make up genes is not gonna make anyone think your more dope than you already are. Sheesh. (black girls love doing this) as if it's gonna make them better than an all black/african american girl in some way. But they're not the only ones. I've known other chicks of nationalities to do the same thing. It's some self conscious crap to make themselves stand out in some way. Cuz most of them dont even celebrate any half or 3rd or 4th of what they consist of unless they're around someone that consists of what they claim to be consisted of. Feel me?

  • theStylesUnlimited

    Check out this sexy model rockin the Carmines

  • AmIDickRidingyet

    lmao. if Shake and Mek let this through than this site is going to the dumps

    edit - and its gone. good job guys.

  • malmoeone3

    damn.. I missed it. What was it? Just curious. email it to me. Lol. The curiosity is gonna kill me.