Raekwon – Call of Duty f. Akon

blame it on JES7 May 24, 2014

The latest good news from the Wu camp so far? Rae & The Abbot striking up a truce. The not so good news? As a die-hard Wu fan, the single featured here is expected to be the lead off Rae’s upcoming, long awaited F.I.L.A. project. Note: this is just a preview/snippet of the song, with DJ Absolut tags. Stand by for the official leak soon. Peace to HHNM.

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  • Guest

    Remember when an Akon feature was a one way ticket to the top 10?

    Also: Raekon.

  • MidKnightMaRawder

    Wow, now im really wishing he dint make out with the RZA is this is what he thinks is dope.

    • marty mcfly

      The thing is the purest hip hop community dont support like they used to, and Rae been the underground rappity rap guy for 20 years now. At some point he gotta address his other fans cause he got fans that like going to clubs too but its like he been ignoring them his whole career. Rae has seen the pinnacle of lyrical miracle rap success. There is no where else to go for him in that arena.

      • j4ipod94

        why do you talk like you represent the whole of the purest hiphop community / underground hiphop heads

        • marty mcfly

          here’s ONE reason. Cause the support from the hip hop purest community can be estimated by sells to a degree. If Rae drops an incredible album such as OB4CL2 and his sells no where close to his actual fanbase supports then that says something. Now excuses could be made of course but hardcore numbers gotta mean something. Thats why there accounted for. Thats SOME of how I can speak on the matter. Again, when you got hip hop veterans that have been out for almost 20 years still dropping albums, then numbers can be looked and opinions could be mad and honestly after 20 years Rae could try fishing in other waters to a degree cause how many hardcore raps do ya’ll want? The nigga gave you hundreds already. Let the nigga get at some females for a minute and if you really down for the Wu you’ll still go get the album.

          • marty mcfly

            I mean, the numbers could be looked AT and opinions could be MADE. I know fans dont give a shit about how much an artist sells but maybe if you consider Raekwons side of things? After all these years of giving you classic hardcore raps, maybe ya’ll should support the Wu OG at this point.

    • marty mcfly

      The first single he did with Estelle is probably the best single he’s done since New Wu.

  • who cares

    My reaction: “Meh.” This may only be a snippet, but I don’t see how the entire song can be much of an improvement.

    • Design Mongrel


  • fonzo517

    sounds like a ton of other songs. rae still got it but the track is forgettable

  • TA Morales

    I was REALLY glad to see that all the comments weren’t a back and forth about call of duty and battlefield 4. It was actually about music!