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  • aint my type of hype

    how could those be his last words if he lived 6-7 days after
    he got shot?

    • http://www.2dopeboyz.com/ JES7_

      According to reports, he was unconscious most of the time he was in the hospital. He was apparently placed under a barbituate-induced coma. But, what do I know? I wasn't there.

  • Hood Oracle

    I don't believe a word of this dribble...plus pac had a lot of time to his self before he passed I believe he made peace with god.

  • Rick Grimey

    Well, I believe it. Don't see any reason for this dude to lie, and I'd assume most people already know Pac didn't like cops. This is interesting to know because previously thought, his last words were (to Suge):

    Suge: Pac, you aight? Shit! I gotta get you to a hospital.

    2Pac: (while laughing) What you worried bout me for? You the one shot in the head.

  • wikig1itch

    Ever Wondered What 2Pac's Last Words Were?


  • jaybee502

    why would we even care to know.

  • Ohms

    2pac is overrated

    • Bil AL

      Fuck you, Pac's last words :)

      • Ohms

        yep, they sure were.


    Maybe Pac thought the cop was trying to be funny and mistook as him saying "Who Shot Ya?"

    Sorry... It's way too early