Bishop Lamont - Green & Money


Before Bishop hits us with his long overdue The Reformation LP, he hits us with a loosie titled "Green & Money." Be sure to check for his last mixtape, The (P)reformation here.

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  • Squalor

    Bishop is that dude , shame Dre never dropped his project back in 2005

    • Yup him and Stat. Just wasted talent. I mean they are both dope but you know what I mean.

  • Donnie

    Another amazing track that will just get lost in the internet - I hate 'loosies', I like great songs to be a part of something, and Bishop has hundreds of songs out there that are just scattered, average mix quality... it's a shame. I hope this guy puts his album out, he really is a talented lyricist and picks incredible production.

    • Black Crime Rate

      True for a lot of these guys, some of them just can't get it together. If you're not going major, at least drop something completely independent, have it be a cohesive collection of songs.

  • SMH..


  • Adi Pre

    Dre fucked both Bish and Stat's career.

  • Art Phlow


  • Crystalweed

    after 28 gramms, this track made me belive that rap is alive

  • 2dope4nope

    The Reformation already!!! And word why dre why... Bishop and Quo would've should've could've had one promising career!

  • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

    Fuck dre

  • leutrim

    Such a talent, shame he couldnt get his album off the ground back in the day

  • Flowsern

    A shame he can't pick proper beats after dre dropped him ..

    • Pet E. Bone

      You're kidding, right?


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