IsaiahThe3rd – Rise of the 3rd (Mixtape)

blame it on JES7 May 25, 2014

IsaiahThe3rd follows up his recently released Homeland project with a brand new album, Rise of the 3rd. Thirteen tracks deep, and quality stuff. Grab it below.

DOWNLOAD: IsaiahThe3rd – Rise of the 3rd (Mixtape)

  • Quasi.OG

    That Lupin reference tho

  • aint my type of hype

    the same flow over & over and sounds like a carbon copy of chance. c’mon 2dope what’s special about this?

    • IsaiahThe3rd

      I was out before Chance and I don’t sing or care much for adlibs at the moment so I can tell you didn’t really listen but it’s all good man I still rap for people like you lol

      • Josh Morse

        RESPECT!!!! I’d be jumpin’ at the chance to zip up loose-mouth bloggers on my shit hahahah! What the fuck is the point of wastin’ your time typin’ or our time reading?!? Guess it just “aint my type of hype” hahaha smh!!! The tape is a fire piece of work @IsaiahThe3rd keep grindin’!

      • scoggs

        Isaiah, who usually handles your production and how would somebody get in touch with you about getting you production?

        • IsaiahThe3rd

          Anybody that makes something that catches my fancy lol [email protected] I’ll listen to all beats there my good sir

      • aint my type of hype

        i did listen & i’m really not trying to sound like i’m hating by any means bro. you can rap but i feel like that’s all these tracks are, just rapping. they don’t sound like full songs, and though i dig your name as an artist taking lupin the 3rd & making him black isn’t really that original nor innovative. i feel like it’s sort of taking the easy route of marketing.

        • IsaiahThe3rd

          Full songs? I have 13 tapes out I’m pretty sure you can find a few on every record..i allegedly live a life of crime and I am the 3rd, it’s unoriginal to be me? Essentially I am the black Lupin..

  • LEE

    I fuck with your music Isaiah but you do need to work on your flow, you really do.You have nice beats and nice lyrics, you have much potential its time to step it up a notch, good luck.

    • IsaiahThe3rd

      Which one I have 17? Lol but thanks for listening

      • LEE

        Cadence and intonation Isaiah, this is your thirteenth mixtape.You are good but you want to be better than good.Just giving good honest feedback.

        • IsaiahThe3rd

          I get what you’re saying, I got you in the sinner’s guide to love

  • Adrian

    Public Enemy #3 is still my favorite followed closely by Homeland and and Mad Men but this is still really good and the videos on youtube to go along with the music is awesome.

  • sineng

    been waitin for this! isaiah is dope, hope he starts getting more buzz with this. certainly deserves a little push after all the work he already put in

  • steve

    Dude I like your songs they have that oldschool 90s rap feel to them and I also was lmao to the lupin the 3rd thing yo keep it up u be fine!!!

  • Bblock

    I’ve bee nan Isaiah fan since day one but damn. Let me start by saying Isaiah’s content is not bad, but damn what ever happened to his original shit. songs like “Understand” “Still Blu” “Song of Life” “Crooks and Castles” “The Getaway” and ANY SONG from the tape “Death of The 3rd” (i’m sure theres quite a few others i’m not including). Biggest decline in his style has been his flow, it’s stuck somewhere between a slow rap and singing.

    Here’s some of his original stuff that i’m talking about, check out this flow, lyricism, production, and samples.



    “The Getaway”

    i’m still a huge fan but it hurts to not see him at his full potential

  • winter’s outro part III goes hard ;) isaiah good work great mixtape from finland xd