• Mitch

    Better than 28 Grams... But that's not saying much

  • Arun Gopal

    Gucci is a rapper that I've been listening to for a really long time, and I've enjoyed his music. But lately this stuff has been terrible.

    • YeDaTruth

      When was it good? I'm not even trying to be a dick, I'm genuinely curious. Any songs you'd recommend that'd change my opinion of Gucci?

      • Arun Gopal

        His Hard To Kill album has some throwback tracks that are just dope to listen to(Freaky Gurl, My Chain). The State Vs Radric Davis is my fav Gucci album(Wasted, Lemonade, Bingo-one of the most ignorant songs but i love it, and Heavy). This LP in imo is vintage Gucci.


        This was his last good mixtape tho imo

      • NYCityKid

        Just cause you might not be interested in what a nigga has to offer don't make him wack. Gucci say a lot of real shit, from a Boss perspective. A lotta niggas fuck with Gucci. I might not fuck wit everything cause it gets redundant but I know once I got that bass turnt up it's goin bump and he goin say something that I can relate too.

        • YeDaTruth

          Trust me, I'm not one of those "hip-hop purist" snobs, I just don't really like any of his music except maybe "Lemonade", or parts of "So Icy". If people enjoy his music, that's fine by me.

  • Hood Oracle

    Gucci got a record with a nigga that hates his guts lol