Lil Bibby Unveils ‘Free Crack II’ Mixtape Artwork

blame it on Illy May 26, 2014

Chi-Raq MC and 2014 XXL Freshman Lil Bibby will follow up his 2013 debut mixtape, Free Crack, with Free Crack II. No word on a release date of the sequel. Watch the visual to his Young Chop-produced “Tired of Talkin’.”

  • fr2poj

    LMFAO Stop it.


    “my face is falling apart and all i can think of is how mediocre my xxl freestyle was”

  • Hood Oracle

    no thank you bibby…just say no



  • SpeakingHarshTruth

    How can people take this shit seriously lol

    If any point in your career you have a cover that involves drugs shaped in some novelty way, you straight up lost. Your parent(s) lost.

    This dude took the two most corniest cover ideas in history: rapper’s face morphed into something else (lion/gorilla etc), and the “look at all the drugs on my cover, I must be a kingpin” angle.

    He then combined them to make this utter monstrosity.

    PS Nas gets a pass on the face thing, obviously.

    • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

      Ye he lost he was around killing everyday and now he away from that and feeding his family lmao you fools crazy in the c-section

      • SonSon

        yeah his parents totally lost..sure of it..this cover doesn’t go with his music at all…lol right…guy gets out of warzone making music about it..yeah that’s a huge L

        • iStoneColdStunBabies

          he’s making money, more than you or me probably, and isnt in the ‘warzone’ he raps about how he used to. id say thats a win. quit tryna throw salt.

          • SonSon

            I was being sarcastic lol

    • iStoneColdStunBabies

      idk how you listen to Hip Hop and do not see the concept of the cover. the point is that HE is crack, his music is CRACK. (whether to you it is or not isnt the subject but) its not like he just threw drugs on a cover with his face and called it a day. its a MIXTAPE (free) titled FREE CRACK (FREE DOPE MUSIC). regardless your opinion it makes sense and doesn’t show you “lost it.” its creative. (not very much but still, for a ‘hood’ rapper it is) he could of easily Photo-shopped a Bugatti and money bands everywhere.

  • iStoneColdStunBabies