2Dope to Sleep On: Eric Biddines

blame it on Shake May 27, 2014

Meet Eric Biddines, a South Florida native who is currently controlling my daily playlist. Growing up on the Dungeon Family’s musical output, you can hear the influence in his music as dude sounds like a 2dope cross-breed of Andre 3000 and Devin the Dude.

From 2010 to present, Eric has released a total of five albums independently. To help introduce you to the FLAien, I’ve included the stream to 2013’s planetcoffeebean 2 as well as each of the video releases-including the incredible “Railroads Down / Unfinished” visual-below. Check it all out and be sure to let EB know what you think on Twitter.

  • Bryan Brennick

    I’ve been seein his railroads down/unfinished on MTVJams lately. He’s def got originality and very creative. Lyrics on point and idk what it is bout that southern drawl but it just makes his flow that much more dope.

  • Mob One

    Manye connect me with his guy here we need that in the game

  • Boomer

    He could be really dope but his voice is unbearable to my ears

  • malcyvelli

    A little toooo much 3 stacks-esque. He’s really good though just not for my taste.

  • Blaze Hunter

    S/O to the leader of the PALM BEACH TAKEOVER MOVEMENT!! Kick the door down and let us in homie! Cosigned by Blaze Hunter!

  • SonSon

    this stuff is fresh.

  • KING14

    Hot damn this dude is FRESH. Can definitely hear 3Stacks in him too. Would love to hear more.

    • Nicholas Reynolds
      All his music (5 albums) all available on I-Tunes

  • Richardgudnitz

    Florida got sumthin to say!

    • malcyvelli

      FL been had something to say. We don’t get a platform to say it and most attempts to even make one get overlooked.

      • Selorm Amuzu

        Exactly Denzel Curry, Robb Bank$, FL has a very interesting scene that needs a looking. He is dope tho!

        • MusicHead

          It’s a lot of actual dope cats out there, I’ll take Robb out tho..homie flow so ass’s fucks his whole rappin up

  • Worldwide Underground


  • $nicka

    Where in south Florida is he from.? Cuz I live in palm beach and I’ve never heard of him at all. He’s nice though.

    • Michael Guyette

      He’s from lake worth fool.
      Niggas blowin up. Where YOU at

      • $nicka

        Palm Beach like I said

        • Nicholas Reynolds

          Eric is originally from Delray Beach, residing in Lake Worth. I’ve actually been to a couple of his shows (that are dope) so why you haven’t heard of him is beyond me. But he’s definitely worth the listen.

          • $nicka

            I’m pissed I’m late to this dude he is nice and he is from down the road.

  • Pizza Steve

    This dude is very dope! Looking forward to his future projects & success!

  • AndOneill

    Coffee cup!!!! Dam! Straight download all of his shit after headin that, gonna give him a spin all day

  • Adi Pre

    Nice, feeling this, I’m having a Douwe Egberts coffee as we speak listening to this.

  • Nicholas Reynolds


  • Phil Legend

    I’m in Miami and I’ve never heard of him. Dude is dope. Props to 2DBZ for putting me up on artists in my own backyard. Boo to SoFlo media for not giving this guy more exposure.

    • Nicholas Reynolds

      Exactly! That’s SFLA media, we will boost everybody else outside of our area but wont put on our own. But no worries #Planetcoffeebean and Eric Biddines are about to change that!

      • Phil Legend

        Does he ever perform in Miami/Ft. Lauderdale?

        • Nicholas Reynolds

          When booked, yeah. Log onto and you could see potential tour dates. For the most update and entertaining way to keep in touch, follow Eric on IG @ericbiddines

  • Chondell Swan

    He gives me hope that real music still exists…so proud of my fellow PBC native, such a great down to earth dude. I cant think of any local artist who deserves this success more.

  • Briana Miller

    because he raps with a draw that makes him like 3 stacks? No clever word play no real though out verses or songs.. nothing like 3 stacks. I may have liked him more if you guys had no
    t put the weak comparison up..

  • MusicHead

    He remind me of Devin, Andre & some Pimp C. That southern drawl real.