• Adi Pre

    I thought he would rock his Yeezy's to his wedding.

  • Cpr196

    Well, he didn't get married in a bathroom, but i'm sure he'll have one hell of a life.

  • xastey

    He looks happy, eh congrats, hope that prenup is onpoint.

    • ForeverWePush

      I mean I get what you're saying but she is worth bank herself so....

  • wat

    Congrats to them. If they're happy, they're happy.

    • https://twitter.com/_ChelseaTalk @_ChelseaTalk

      I want the post-divorce album.

      It will be the greatest hip-hop album of all time. Trust.

      • wat

        Possibly! lol

      • maus

        I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be Hip-Hop. Maybe thrash (pun intended).

        • LordMaximus

          808's is one of Ye's best albums IMO, also are you the "maus" from RGF?

          • maus

            I liked 808's but I feel like his focus isn't on Hip-Hop, hence Yeezus. Yeah, brother, that was me. What's good?

          • LordMaximus

            you should head over to rapnation(dot)me, that where everyone went after the beef with GF/the site died

  • biff tannen

    ......and when he get on, he leaves your ass for a white gurrrl lol

    • Goldberg brain

      But he left a white girl for a white girl.....

      • http://www.gksnyc.com/ GKS (Gentlemen Know Style)

        What about the 1st black girl

        • THE LOVE QUEEN!

          She broke Kanye's heart didn't she

          • Don Dada

            yea. she broke off their engagement. he mentions it briefly in New Day on WTT.

      • Robert Ulizza

        Amber Rose is half black. Her Mother is Cape Verdean. Just saying...

      • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

        Kim is Armenian Arab not White. White people cannot natural come in that brown tinged color, hence why they are pale.

  • ForeverWePush

    However I feel about her, if they are happy, congrats and more power to them. Doesn't hurt me none...

  • cam

    If you ain't no punk, holla we want prenup!!

  • I run Zamunda!

    When they gets divorced... He can sue her for the money from all that money her sex tape generated.

  • Guest

    kim likes polla caliente

  • Mez D

    damn the tux is on point

  • Deejhay Daz-One

    Real rap they look great together

  • Ohms

    Hood By Air tux?