Raekwon - Call Of Duty f. Akon


Here goes the full version of Raekwon's "Call of Duty," the Akon-assisted first single off his upcoming FILA (Fly Interational Luxurious Art) album, coming soon. Hear it below.

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  • espyy

    OB4CLII is a piece of art, Shaolin vs Wu is a shit, then he dropped Lost Jewlry and it was ok, kinda on the way of OB4CLII but now... he is dropping this shit again, on Shaolin vs Wu way...

    • j4ipod94


      • espyy

        I have some issues to write what I want to say, happen on my native lenguage too..

        • j4ipod94


  • marty mcfly

    DOPE. The Wu slaughtered the underground already, now its time for commercial rap to get it.

    • bodiddlywiddly

      Amen brotha

    • j4ipod94

      u talking recently? they sold a shit load of albums last 2 decades

      • marty mcfly

        Well yeah if your talking a whole 20 year long time period. Drake probably sold that in two years but no diss to the Wu. This is what im saying. Go look at the comments on the Skyzoo & Torae Barrel Brothers c section for their album stream. There basically saying this "dope album but too bad nobody gives a fuck"... Now of course nobody used those words but thats what they mean. Now you can interpret what I said and what those comments mean but it all comes down to this imo. For lyricist in 2014, there is no glory or benefit for being the underground lyrical miracle. Now if you wanna continue to beat that drum then do it but its time for Rae and the other members of Wu to move on.

        • marty mcfly

          Of course people will disagree but read between the lines and understand where im comin from. The "lyrical miracle" shit is the dope shit but its approach needs to be adjusted. Rae is independent so he realizes that now more then before. Im sure he'll have plenty of dusty sounding lyrical spherical imperial cosmic star cereal... bars on the album.

        • j4ipod94

          personally i dont think many memebers can make a hit record. except maybe Meth

          • marty mcfly

            Tical 2000 is probably thee most underground sounding solo album of the Wu camp that went multi platinum but Meth understands something alot of other MCs dont and that is you gonna have to reach over to the other side a little bit to pull in the people which is why he got songs on the album like Break Ups To Make Ups, Big Dogs and Step By Step as well the single Judgment Day.

        • Lou Velazquez

          wu tang forever alone sold almost 10 million alone so what the fuck you talking about lol!

  • YeDaTruth

    Wasn't that joint with Estelle his first single?

  • MidKnightMaRawder

    this is not good.

  • FrontFreeDotCom .

    Raekwon is old enough to know better than to make this kind of music. Not a soul on Earth wanted to hear an Akon feature on a Raekwon record. At a point, you gotta stop trying to pander to children and speak to the heads who held the torch for the Wu for all this time. This is an insult.

    • YeDaTruth

      I don't think this is pandering at all. He's still rhyming like Rae, he didn't change his lyrics or flow, it's just a more upbeat type record. Raekwon doesn't need to make that "hustling in the trenches" music all the time. He's always been a flashy dude, and he's showcasing that side in his music now. That's why he's doing F.I.L.A., it's his more flashy side. He's done it before, and has never sacrificed himself just because he's made a more "radio-friendly" record. "Rock N Roll" from Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang is another example of him doing that.

      • FrontFreeDotCom .

        You're right, his flow is the same but Rae has never stuck to making "in the trenches" music or any one type of sound. However, you can still pander by the type of tracks you select. I'm lost as to how Rae is just now showing his "flashy" side though, as he's always done him...it's only recently that I'm hearing him on EDM records and wondering why the fuck we need to hear this from him. Trust me, Rae has been a favorite for a long time but I'm not about to be a stan and act like he can do no wrong. We just have way too many songs out there sounding just like this piece of shit and I trust vets like Rae to bring that authentic material to the forefront.

  • Pizza Steve

    Nope. (Rae verses dope tho as usual, but the song? Nope)

  • Aydot Saga

    wtf? i repeat...wtf? SOMEBODY KILL AKON!! 100,000 gta dollars for the person who kills Akon!


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