Your Deadstock Yeezys Are Meaningless: Apple Buys Beats for $3 Billion

blame it on Meka May 28, 2014

CNBC has reported that, finally, Apple will acquire Beats By Dre for the originally reported $3 billion dollars. In the deal Apple will pay $2.6 billion in straight cash homie, and another $400 million in equity for the audio company.

After the announcement Billboard has reported that Jimmy Iovine will – predictably and understandably – leave his position as chairman and CEO of Interscope Geffen A&M to become an executive at Apple. I am definitely in the wrong business.

Now Dre can commence c-walking with Tyrese once again.

  • DBS

    What will Dre do now with no more Beats to promote, get back to work on Detox?

    • jaybee502

      if you had a billion really think your mind would be set on making an album? he’s making an album..he’s paid..and he’s now ready to make money off of other artists.

      • leutrim

        Dre was never lacking for money, he couldve retired before he even made Beats by Dre and just coasted on royalty checks. It’s never been about the money for Dre.

      • Josh Morse

        I’d feel more pressured to finish Detox into a masterpiece than EVER once I was sittin’ on a pie like that; not to mention if “money” has anything to do w/ the composing/incentive of finishing a record in Dre’s position, then I must have the wrong impression of the Doc after a couple decades thus far!!!!!!

      • YeDaTruth

        Idk, I think music is Dre’s passion. If I had a billion dollars and never had to worry about money again, I’d just do what I love. For Dre, I assume that’s production.

      • Goldberg brain

        I disagree, i feel that this billion dollar deal gives him even more to talk about on the album!

        Why not become the first billionaire rapper and at the same time remind ppl on why you are a rapper and release the most anticipated hip hop album in history

    • Mac Dre

      The reports on the negotiations from a few weeks ago said Dre would still work with Beats like he is now, just now it’s under Apple.

  • fuh q

    what did yeezy’s have to do with this?

    • for those who think that sitting on a pile of shoes that are “valued” at a couple racks mean something, a rap guy just sold his company for billions more.

      • fuh q

        i’m sorry, this wasn’t in anyway offense to you, but by you putting that title up sounds like this post is only for folks that have yeezy’s/sneakerheads. I just didn’t see it necessary to put that up there. It’s a little confusing

        • leutrim

          You’re telling him what’s necessary to write about on his own site?

          • fuh q

            you have enough time on your hands to make that type of evaluation guy?

            all i’m saying is what’s the point in including something in a title that has absolutely NOTHING to do with the post….like, so you don’t own a pair of yeezys nor have any interest in doing so. Okay, great. Dr. Dre sells Beats to Apple. WTF does that have to do with it?

            if you were trying to make a point, why not talk about how overpriced the actual headphones are and how meaningless that is compared to Apple’s new acquisition in Beats.

            @leutrim, i’m sorry to have…ruffled your feathers lmao

          • Jojoba

            So are my yeezy’s worthless now? I also hold stock in some blue chip companies like Coke, McDs, Netflix and have been investing in a 401k. Not anywhere close to 3 bil so I guess since I haven’t made 3 bil yet this is all been for not

          • Chris Brown

            that’s his website.K. for US. and he sneak dissin my nigga yeezy

    • maus

      If I had Yeezy’s I’m pretty sure they’d still be worth what they’re worth. It’s a horrible title, but then again, that’s why it’s a small site (although growing larger) and not really accredited. Congrats on having a place to voice your opinion, though.

      • Sticky

        Not as small as you think, if you look up “blog metrics hip hop” you can see that they’re actually probably the biggest hip-hop site that actually posts known and unknown artists.

        • maus

          Well, geez…
          I guess that gives ’em the right to post titles irrelevant to articles. Thanks, old bean, for showing me the light.

          • Sticky

            Just looking out for you, you look really dumb when you talk about shit you have no idea about but hey that’s what the internet is for right?

    • Goldberg brain

      I was just about to ask that LOL

    • Black Crime Rate

      Don’t ask.

      If you haven’t realized by now, Shake and Meka aren’t the brightest two in this industry.

  • Adi Pre

    Stupidly overpriced.

    • Mac Dre

      Not as bad as Facebook buying Instagram for $1 billion when they could’ve gotten it for less than $10 million…

  • Hood Oracle

    lol @ the deadstock yeezy comment…lol reality hurts

  • SpeakingHarshTruth

    Apple have $150billion in CASH tucked away.

    $3 billi is chump change to them lol

    • Goldberg brain

      Your point

  • deeznuts

    Now would be a perfect time to focus on DETOX, even his great great granchildren are taken care off..

    • Josh Morse

      ….thats what I’m thinkin’; and more like great grandchildren’s grandchildren haha!!!

  • 2dope4nope

    All right so when they market the ‘iPhone 6’ w/ some Beats headphones included the price will be what $800 smh haha corporate hustle!!!

    • Fuck All Y’all

      Well seeing that some folks paid $900 for an iPhone 5s, $800 with Beats anything seems like a steal. haha still some bs though. But hey, that’s how you become a monster in consumer culture.

  • KingOfSwing

    Yeezy’s are shit, apple is shit, and beats by dre are the worst, shitty sound break all the time. DR Dre is a sell out slut, who will never put out detox cos hes too busy sucking cock at apple

    • krow132

      here we go.

      • KingOfSwing

        shut up slut, i made my point now run along

        • krow132

          whatever you fucking weirdo

          • KingOfSwing

            krows before ho’s baby

  • North

    Aint no cash involved homie. All a click of a button.


  • wikig1itch

    What I find hilarious is that Diddy has predicted himself to be the first Hip-Hop Billionaire in the coming years, and then Dre comes out of nowhere signs a few papers and officially becomes not just the first Hip-Hop billionaire but make that MULTI billionaire. LOL Poor Puff Daddy

    • Tha Lonely Donkey Kong

      Dr. Dre doesnt own the majority of Beats By Dre…. He wont be a billionaire afte the sale. he will have 800 mill i believe…

    • krow132

      multi billionaire? You know the whole 3 bill wont go to Dre right? He was a 25% owner

      • wikig1itch

        Then Puff still looks set to be the first billionaire in Hip-Hop then since Dre’s yearly income should take a drastic hit with Beats off his resume. I’m betting on 3 years at the least for Diddy to hit the billion, unless Dre comes up with a new lucrative deal during that time.

        • krow132

          well Dre is an exec at apple now. So he will be making a substantial salary there im assuming. And for Diddy to get there before him he would have to have a massive deal.